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    toshiba and xp


    by alfredshepherd ·

    I have a satellite pent.4 512 mb mem.
    i recondition it after it was damage.
    had to change the orig, hd from 40 to 60gb.
    it orig. came with winxp home.
    I part/formt. the new hd.
    and it loads the xp to the point where it says
    starting windows, and freeze everytime. I remove the hd. place it in another device, and it works ok.
    I loaded win me and it took it on the touble machine but wont take xp or 2000..
    what could be the problem??help

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      by amberhaze ·

      In reply to toshiba and xp

      You wouldn’t by any chance have the recovery CD’s from Toshiba? Their older motherboards have some “unique” driver issues which a generic install would have problems with (not insurmountable, but difficult to say the least.)

      Worst case, you could contact Toshiba for replacement recovery CD’s

      If my memory serves (and it often doesn’t 😉 the problem with the generic versions have to do with drivers for the video.

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      by chik ·

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      Suggest you update the notebook bios and driver from Toshiba support Web site and retry 60G HD.

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      by steve.barber ·

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      One other potential solution could be to start XP in VGA mode. Your problem sounds similar to one I had with a Compaq AP400. The machine would appear to hang, but in fact was working, but with the display frozen on the stratup screen. The solution was to hit F8 at startup, select VGA mode and then if you’re lucky XP will come up. You can then locate the correct video driver from the Toshiba website, install and hopefully reboot normally. Worth a shot 🙂

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      by johnvargo ·

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      I have a Tecra and had the same problem… I solved it by slipstreaming service pack 2. Check this link for instructions on how to slipstream the service pack.

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      by ec3872 ·

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      sell your toshiba and get a hp laptop. they are great and to not breakdown like the toshiba do.

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      by founder ·

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      First off the guy who said buy an HP is a clown. Obviously he has little experience with laptops. Toshiba’s are a better machine hands down.

      I would update the bios then disable all onboard hardware and see if it boots. Remove the cdrom and floppy also.

      If it does not have SP2 on it I’d put it in that other machine you were talking about and install SP2. You may have to perform a chkdsk /r after you put it back in the Toshiba.

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