Toshiba C50Dt Laptop Power Issue

By CharlotteElizabeth ·
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Hi, this is my first post here!

I have a laptop (Toshiba Satellite C50Dt), battery stopped working and would only work if power charger was plugged in.

I bought a new battery for my laptop off eBay, connected it and my laptop successfully turned on whilst the charger plugged in, battery was charging fine. The battery then showed 100% charge after being on charge for a while. I took the charger out and the laptop turns off like there is no battery (the battery was recognised when I had it booted the first time)

I took the battery off and plugged in the charger and it will boot. I then put the battery back on with the charger and it will be boot but will only stay on for several minutes.

I removed the battery, and just had the power lead plugged in and it stayed on for over 12 hours absolutely fine.

Is this a faulty battery? How can I check this?
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Reset Your Bios Battery

by Nomozine In reply to Toshiba C50Dt Laptop Powe ...

1. Turn off your computer completely
2. Remove your charger and disconnect your battery (if your battery is inbuilt, open it and disconnect the cable)
3. Hold the power bottom for 40 - 50 second
4. Connect your battery and charger back
5. Turn on your computer

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Test Your Battery

by Nomozine In reply to Toshiba C50Dt Laptop Powe ...

There are several things to look at here

1. You need to be sure you if the charger is charging your battery correctly
2. Did you try charging the battery while your computer is turned off to see if it will come on without the power cord
3. Does your laptop battery and charger voltage match?

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