toshiba can't find memory up grade

By sckrem ·
I have a Toshiba Satillait A105-s2021 it say it will hold 2GB of memory. DDR2-PC4200
it had 512MB in it whated to put another 1GB. Now when I put in the GB I go to controll panel>system and 980 MB show up not 1480 or so. when I have just the 512 MB in 480 MB show up. when I have just the 1GB in 980 MB show up. I have switch slots. So my question does anyone know why both won't show up together. Both are DDR2-PC4200

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Dual Channel Mode

by willcomp In reply to toshiba can't find memory ...

Your notebook may be locked into dual channel mode. Most chipsets will auto-recognize mismatched memory and shift into single channel mode rather than dual channel mode. Your ATI Express chipset may not. In that case, the smallest module will dictate capacity.

Check BIOS settings and see if there is an option to disable dual channel memory mode.

A utility such as SIW or CPU-Z will show what size memory is in each slot and the mode (single or dual channel). I suspect you effectively have two 512MB modules when both modules are installed.

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As stated above it could be to do with the M'Board Chip Set

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to toshiba can't find memory ...

But from past experience Toshiba's have a finicky tolerance for RAM.

I would suggest here that when you install the 1 GB and the 512 MEG Modules the system is running into a RAM Error and defaulting as suggested above to seeing both Modules as 512 MEG or just completely ignoring the 512 MEG Module.

I would suggest checking here with the Corsair Memory Checker though most of the major memory makers have a similar thing which is the right type of RAM for your System and then buy a Matched Pair of RAM.


Also check in the BIOS as to what the system is actually seeing, it may be different to what the OS Sees.

Also as this system shares Memory to generate Video you may be able to change the amount of RAM used for Video Generation which will be the difference between the 1 GIG of RAM and the shown 980 MEG by the OS when you just have the 1 X 1 GIG Module fitted.


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