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Toshiba cant start

By wabdallah ·
can you pleas assist my lap[top cant start it toshiba1955,every time to satrt appers line with
maybe he carsh?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Toshiba cant start

With the limited information provided it's almost impossible to hazard a guess about your problem, but I'll run through the basics.

If you are not seeing any picture at all on the screen and hearing no Beeps from the speakers you have most likely suffering from a dead M'Board. If you are hearing a series of Beeps these are telling you what is wrong with the unit and you'll need to look up the User Manual to find out what they mean as different BIOS types have different Error codes.

If you are seeing the Toshiba Screen Logo but nothing else then the most obvious thing is that the HDD has failed which is quite common with Note Books as the HDD's re never cooled properly and subject to shocks that a desktop computer never would sustain.

If you are getting the Toshiba Logo you can drop in a Live Linux CD and try booting from that to see if you have a serious hardware problem and at the same time you could check the HDD for usability and functionality with the HDD's Makers Testing Utility or a generic one like the Sea Tools program available from Seagate here

Just click on Accept and then you can download Seatools a testing utility for HDD's that works for all drives but may not show the correct error messages if you don't have a Seagate Drive.


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by vadivel.murughan In reply to Toshiba cant start

please give a proper data as this is very less info u\on the problem u r facing..

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