Toshiba hard enclosure

By Ecrawford23 ·
I have an kind of older Toshiba external hdd. It's 12.5mm S/N:641ATY9IT18B. Long story short the kids broke the connection point, so I took it apart went to buy a new enclosure, to my surprise, no enclosures fit the actual hdd connection point. I'm not really good at explaining I would to post pictures if possible.

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The model number is much more important than the Serial Number

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Toshiba hard enclosure

Not sure what you have there but all HDD's come in either 2.5 or 3.5 inch sizes. The smaller are for Notebooks and the larger are for Desktop Computers and the size is measured across the top where the sticker is and the shortest edge.

Now as I do not know which HDD you have assuming that it is of the Modern Type meaning not overly old I'm assuming you have a 3.5 inch IDE Drive which has 2 rows of pins each with 20 pins where the data lead plugs in. This is a 40 Pin connector though one or two pins on the top row may be missing but they still count as a Pin.

As the current HDD are all SATA which has a different connector you can not fit a IDE Drive to a SATA Enclosure you'll need to look on places like E Bay for an older IDE Enclosure BUT you have to buy an enclosure to suit your HDD.

You can not fit a 3.5 inch HDD to a 2.5 inch Enclosure or you can not fit a 2.5 inch drive to a 3.5 inch enclosure the Pins for the Data Connection are different so you need to buy the enclosure to suit your HDD.

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Yes exactly.

by Ecrawford23 In reply to The model number is much ...

Yeah that's what I'm trying to find but I can't seem to find one. The model of mine is as follows: HDKFD00AY31T. I still can't find any enclosure for it. If the model and s/n were on the top of the hdd, the connection pins are on the bottom that's where people get lost. They are 18btw

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Sorry still don't know what you have as the Toshiba Sitee

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yes exactly.

Claims not to know that Model Number They do have a HG6 Series which may be what you have but that's just a guess.

If you just want to get the data off it you can use a USB to HDD Adaptor you can buy them on E Bay for somewhere around the $10.00 mark like the one here


That thing works with all modern HDD's both IDE and SATA it doesn't cover some of the very early drives used back when people where using 286/386 systems but then again they would be so small no one would have a need to put them into an enclosure up to 100 meg maybe very old none the less.

The closest Hit I did get was a 200 Gig Toshiba Auto Drive which is a SATA drive from Toshiba but I really do not think that is anywhere close to being correct.

I just had a quick look on E Bay and they show thins 3.5 inch IDE enclosure


If you do have an IDE Drive they started calling them PATA Drives when they released the SATA Drives meaning Parrallel ATA instead of Serial ATA. so they may be listing those drives as PATA instead of IDE if that is any help.

Anyway if they are IDE Drives there are 2 rows of Pins at the back of the drive which are 20 pins long there may be a pin missing at one end on the top row and/or at one end depending on who made the Drive from memory Toshiba never made HDD's but bought from other drive makers and fitted them to their own enclosures.

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Thank you for your help.

by Ecrawford23 In reply to Sorry still don't know wh ...

I appreciate your help. The big powered enclosure might help but I'd like to post a pic. But I can't I guess maybe seeing might help. Not sure if this site allows that

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I can't see why that would be a problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thank you for your help.

I used to use Photobucket and post links a lot back in the day though

You have to use something to shorten the URL as the site sometimes breaks the link. We used to use Tiny URL ages ago but lately I've found that Google URL Shortener works.

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