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Toshiba Harddrive viz-a-viz Dell Laptop

By aroe ·
Will a Toshiba MK3021GAS 30gb Laptop HD work/fit in a Dell Latitude C600 laptop? I have never attempted to mix/match different vendor hardware as far as a laptop is concerned

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by softcorp.us In reply to Toshiba Harddrive viz-a-v ...


Fit: This hard disk drive (HDD) is the thinnest size (9.5mm), so it should fit. Other standard sizes are 12mm and 19mm.

Work: The physical and electrical interface to a notebook HDD is standard just like there is a standard for desktop HDDs. There is no problem mixing vendors. So, it will work.

But: Some notebook vendors mount the HDDs in a little bracket commonly called a "caddy". The bracket then is physically attached to the notebook. If your Dell C600 does this, you will either need to obtain another caddy or the new HDD, or reuse the old one. Typically, notebook vendors don't sell caddy's by themselves as they want you to buy the HDD from them at 2x market price. I have found/bought 3rd party caddy's at dirtcheapdrives.com

Does your laptop use a caddy?

Good luck!

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)
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by aroe In reply to Toshiba Harddrive viz-a-v ...

many thanks for the info, Steve!! Now I'm off to EBAY!

All I got from Dell CS was a big fat nothin'

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