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    Toshiba l645 battery problem.


    by antoni0 ·

    I have a laptop toshiba L645. My battery has leaked out. I want to buy a new battery but doubt whether my battery is damaged or the motherboard component has a problem. The characteristics of my battery:
    1.When the battery is installed on the laptop and the charger plugs into the AC, when loading Windows 7, suddenly my laptop dies with the sound of a hard drive

    2.But when the battery is released and the charger plugs into the AC, the laptop turns on normally

    Anyone can help me please?

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      Well if the NB is turning on OK without a Battery

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Toshiba l645 battery problem.

      The M’Board at this point in time has no apparent damage so just replacing the battery should be OK.

      Of course if the battery has leaked at the power connection point you’ll need to do some clean up of that connection.

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      Easy fix

      by oliverjames449 ·

      In reply to Toshiba l645 battery problem.

      Order a new battery for your laptop which is compatible or if you’re not sure which battery to order then go to any repair shop. It’ll be the best solution if you don’t wanna waste time by finding the right one

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