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    toshiba laptop


    by jpowers72 ·

    I have a Toshiba satelitte laptop.
    It shutsdown after being on for one hour.
    You can be in the middle of working on something and it shutsdown.

    Any thoughts?

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      by jpowers72 ·

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      by dspeacock ·

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      You don’t say whether you’re using it on Ac or DC. If DC, you might need to recondition the battery by fully discharging it a couple of times. Had to do this a couple of times to my Compaq lptop. Apparently the batteries “learn” bad behavior if not fully discharged every once in a while. Toshiba’s support site will most likely have info on this.

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        by jpowers72 ·

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        The laptop is running on AC.
        I will try the thing on the battery.

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      If this is on Mains Power

      by hal 9000 ·

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      You should check to make sure that nothing is blocking the air intakes for the CPU Cooling. This an happen when a NB is sat on a soft surface and it sucks up the material that it’s sitting on. If you are on Mains Power I would suggest fitting a NB Cooler under the NB. This is a USB Powered device that the NB sits on and has a fan in it which allows a lot of cool air to circulate under the NB and helps to keep things cool.


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