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Toshiba Laptop A105 BIOS password removal problem

By abdul_quddos2004 ·
i have a toshiba laptop a105. however, i have a problem. there is a BIOS password that i placed, but somehow forgot it.
can some one please help me? i already know 2 ways to fix the bios problem (i don't think that removing the battery works with this version):
1. jump (or short) the C88 thingy's located under the Wi-Fi card.
2. making that loop thing, where u connect specific pins to a 25 pin connector

however, i don't know how to accomplish both of these ways, i took my laptop apart, but still don't know:
1. wat does short (or jump) mean?
2. how do i make the loop thing

i wish someone could help me, i would really appreciate it. and im ready to pay $25 for whoever helps me fix it (thats the best a college student could do)
and pleaaaaaaaaaase be very specific in detailing wat to do


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