Toshiba laptop black screen. will purchased recovery media reload vista os?

By fisk4151 ·
My daughter's 2 year old Toshiba satellite L305D with Vista home premium was ran without anti-virus software. After being infected, she got black screen and no os boot. After attempting to start it many times, the Toshiba screen came on and Windows booted. I removed viruses, bots, malware. The windows OS became unstable from corrupted files. After powering down, I get a black screen only. On start up, the CD/DVD drive led flashes, the fan runs quietly, the flash drive led flashes, (if installed) but nothing else happens. Starting it with the dealer supplied recovery disk in the disk drive doesn't work whether I push f12, f8, f2, esc, or 0. I replaced the HDD with another that is good, same symptoms. I don't have a retail copy of windows vista, will recovery media purchased from Toshiba fix it, or do I have to buy a copy of Windows in order to do a clean install? Did I miss a step and something else will fix it?

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Doesn't sound as if it will help

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Toshiba laptop black scre ...

It sounds as if you have a Hardware problem that is stopping the system from working.

However just in case it's something as simple as a Bad Monitor you can try an External Monitor and see if you get any sort of Display.

You can also try the Ultimate Boot CD to test the Hardware it's free and available here


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Call it a day.

by bluntpencil In reply to Toshiba laptop black scre ...

You defintiley tried everything so I reckon your knowledge approches a professional repairer which is pretty impressive for an ordinary dad.
It seems that you have only made it worse by your efforts.
The Toshiba Disk should do it and I am surprised it didnt.
So Vista disk will be a waste of cash.
Sounds like a paperweight to me unfortunately.
I dont think anybody can help short of advising you to shelling out some cash with a real expert.

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