toshiba laptop keep turning off after 15 sec with a click

By Sckrem1 ·
I have a toshiba L505D-S5965 I replaced the DC jack now computer will only come on for 15 sec then there a click ( not a beep) and then come back on right away then about 15 sec make the click sounds like it is coming fron the hard drive area. I took off the top turned on computer and listen sounds like fromt the hard drive. after the third time doing this it turns off for good. No lights come on the computer except There a orange light in front.Screen stays black.

I only took off the keyboard and the top of computer put the new DC jack. This DC jack you just plug into the MB. Any help out there.

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"...you just plug in"???

by dawgit In reply to toshiba laptop keep turni ...

It wasn't soldered in? If you just 'Plugged' it in on the mainboard, then I would say that you have a loose connection there. And possibly even created a short. That would cause a 'click' and turn the unit off on you.

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Actually, he is correct in his "plugging it in"...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to "...you just plug in"???

As problematic as the DC-IN jack has been on virtually all brands of Notebooks, most have begun using a DC jack nestled into a tight little slot on the case of the laptop and tethered from there with -usually- 4 wires terminated at the the end with a large -relatively speaking- plug at the end that attaches to the motherboard. Presumably, this scenario provides the manufacturers techs with the ability to service such issues from within their own technical staff. Incidentally, this type of setup generally costs upwards to 50 or even 60 dollars in parts alone.

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Sounds like a Polarity Issue

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to toshiba laptop keep turni ...

Where the Positive side of the circuit is going to the Negative Connection and the Negative Connection is going to the Positive Connection.

Try unplugging the plug that you plugged in and reversing it to see if that makes a difference. Though quite often if you have plugged things in backward the damage is done the moment that you apply power.


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Try removing the battery completely....

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to toshiba laptop keep turni ...

Then start the LT with no battery whatsoever. Have had faulty batteries in some laptops that will exhibit just such a symptom as you describe. It is worthy of noting that Toshiba has unloaded this particular model for some time now at ridiculously discounted rates. In online reviews, many techs from within Toshibas own technical support staff express their sentiments that this particular line represents the bottom of the barrel in Toshibas line-up.

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Take to shop

by oldbaritone In reply to toshiba laptop keep turni ...

Pay pro to fix.

If it's not already bricked.

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I am having the same issue

by vip3r82 In reply to toshiba laptop keep turni ...

I am having the same issue but I haven't done any repairs besides installing a new Keyboard and updating to Windows 7. But My system only turns it self off if I try to play any kind of media Ie: music, video and even some games.

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