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toshiba laptop problem psa50e

By ricky123fernandes ·
i have a toshiba laptop , and it suddenly stopped working,

i mean when i on it, i can only see a black screen
with the letters


i dont know who did it , but there is nothing written in the manual i even tried the restore cd which comes with the laptop

nothing works at all ,i even tried some backdoor passwords

i opened the laptop but dint find any kind of battery , there is only one big battery ,

how does the bios battery look like this model is sa50-109 toshiba satellite

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by ricky123fernandes In reply to toshiba laptop problem ps ...

in the manual there is written that there is a rtc battery butthey dont show where it is located , i tried to open the laptop but dint find anything ,the laptop wont open fully ,

this is in the middleeast , and it is a second hand laptop ,but i got all the cds and manuals with the laptop ,but nothing is written about bios password , please help i am killing my brain from one week ,and many important documents are in there , please help

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by crashoverride_2010 In reply to

im jay from sharjah , i have a satellite sa50-109 model same as you have.just call me 0502027531

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by sgt_shultz In reply to toshiba laptop problem ps ...

my experience with changing hard drives in laptops is limited but i would not take for granted that the connector will be the same from brand to brand...

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by grandhighdruid In reply to toshiba laptop problem ps ...

What the problem is, most likely, is that somehow a password has been put onto your system through the CMOS. This is what identifies all hardware on your computer. The most effective way to clear a password set this way to unplug the CMOS battery for about 10-15 seconds from the system board and then reconnect it. A CMOS battery looks like a watch battery with a couple of (usually) short wires (mostly one red and one black) that goes to a connector that plugs directly into the system board. Some are easy to find, others are impossible without dismantling the system. If you can't find it or this doesn't work, then you won't have any choice but to take it to a technician. I would recommend in the future that if your laptop is kept in an unsecured place or has vital data that when you get this cleared, you set your OWN CMOS password, as anyone who can touch your laptop (not log in, just able to start the unit up) can do this. Hope this helps!!

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by kdhakl In reply to toshiba laptop problem ps ...

All laptop hard drive have the same connectors. You can remove the hard drive and with an adaptor connect it either on the secondary channel od a normal PC or adjust the jumper on the hard drive and run it as the slave on the primary channel.

Alternate method would be to use a notbook caddy and plug straight into your USB port on the desktop.

These methods would allow you to get the data off

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