Toshiba Laptop Restarts when idle

By peter ·
I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop,P4 3.6 GHz, 1GB RAM, Win XP Pro SP2.
The computer is fine if it is used. When left idle for more than 10 min it restarts by itself.
Here is what I've done so far:
When left idle in Safe Mode it doesn't restart.
I cleaned it from dust, all fans are spinning, doesn't look like it is getting really hot, and as I mentioned it will restart only when idle. It will also restart if left at the user login screen. Anti-Virus is up to date, and I'm running full scan in safe mode right now, but I doubt it will turn anything.
The only new driver I have installed was a printer driver, which I reinstalled (from HP site) with the problem still there. Any ideas?

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by Fregeus In reply to Toshiba Laptop Restarts w ...

I would turn off any "power save" settings. Those are what are activated when your PC goes idle. Make sure to turn off the ones in the Bios aswell. There could be one of the process that is corrupted.

If you have screen saver settings, turn those off aswell.


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by peter In reply to Settings

I also figured out it has something to do with power settings. I did not find any feature in the BIOS for power settings. All power saving features were set to "never" (hybernate, turn of monitor, turn of HD, stand by). Also disabled screensaver. Still the same problem. It will not just shut down, it will restart.
As a workaround I had the power settings shut down monitor in 5 min, system stand by at 10 min. Hybernate after 2 hrs. This seem to do it, obviously whatever triggers the shut down cant do it when system is on stand by. Now unsaved documents are safe, but this is a bandaid, not a fix.
How can I figure out what is the process that is corrupted? May be I shold do an XP repair (not a fan of it).

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by Fregeus In reply to Workaround

From what you describe, i think you're at that point where you need to do a repair. If that doesn`t work, i would simply re-image or re-install the device.

I'm sorry, but I don't know enough to find any corrupted files. You need to be a High Guru to be able to do that and I'm not at that level.

Good luck


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by c.p.muscutt In reply to Well...

I get the same problem on my toshiba M10.
I too have tried all the settings for power saving but no luck.....its getting soo annoying when you loose work. grrr
Just a thought - Do you have the finger scan enabled for login?

+ i've disabled automatic restart via the GPEDIT and services.msc

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Same Problem

by b_acebedo In reply to Toshiba Laptop Restarts w ...

I have two laptops with the same brand and model, one of those two laptops is restarting when left idle for a few minutes, first i suspected that there may be a software or drivers that cause the problem, I tried to swap the hard drives of the two laptops to find out if it is realy some software or drivers that cause the restarting, but the laptop thats encountering the restarting problem remains restarting...

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by bens In reply to Same Problem

That sounds like it would indicate a driver issue. Any automatic restart might be handled by the OS. I would restart the troubled laptop, press F8 before the Windows logo appears and select 'Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure'. If it does it again, it might give you a blue screen instead of a restart, which could eventually the filename causing the issue.

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