Toshiba Laptop won't boot from the restore CD

By keke_zh ·
My laptop is Toshiba Satellite A105, bought in Feb 2006...already out of warranty.

I tried to boot from the restore cd by holding down 'C' while powering up the computer(as instructed by the manual, and it worked before)...however, this time, my laptop didn't boot from CD-Rom, even after i changed the bio settings.

Later, I manually removed the hard drive and forced the computer to boot from CD. It did work.... But after I reconnected the hard drive and started the restoring process, i got an error message : "Hard Drive Not Found"?!

Any advice??

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to Toshiba Laptop won't boot ...

buy a new hard drive.
the one you've got is faulty.

if its the data that you're after because its really important and you're willing to spend thousands of dollars to get it back... I know a guy... lol

seriously. get a new drive. the average life span of a hdd is 3-4 years and you bought yours used.

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The drive didn't show up because it wasn't in the unit on POST

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to hmm

Did you remember to Save the Changes to BIOS before Exiting?

If you are completely unable to get the BIOS changes to stick I would be looking at a Faulty M'Board as the problem.

As that is very expensive I would hazard a guess that a new NB is called for now and if you need to recover your data fit the HDD to a External USB Caddy and copy it from there onto some form of XP Computer as a Vista one may not be able to read the HDD without requiring a format which will destroy your data.


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It's only 1.5 yrs old, and I am not worried about the data on HDD

by keke_zh In reply to Toshiba Laptop won't boot ...

I just wanted to reinstall the whole system. I set the boot priority to CD-ROM->***->HHD...and saved the setting. But it didn't work.

finally i tried to boot from a geniun WinXP CD(it didn't come with my Toshiba Latop). Followed the same procedure: unplug the HHD forcing the computer to boot from CD, and then plugged in HHD...Interestingly, HHD was detected this time and it worked fine...So the HHD is OK...But i really wanna use the Toshiba Restore CD so that I can restore the factory settings.

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Just an odd thought

by Tig2 In reply to It's only 1.5 yrs old, an ...

Could your restore disks have been damaged? And by damage I mean anything that would render the CD unreadable.

I have tried to work with a dirty disk. No go and much cleaning. Suddenly I had working disks.

Try a cleaning system safe for the media. You might also want to run a cleaner through the ROM itself.

The BIOS thing is a stumper. On that, I would have to agree with Oh Smeg. I simply cannot think of a reason that you cannot save BIOS settings.

Good luck!

Edit to add- try the cleaning routine. Then try your normal restore. If the reader in the ROM is hosed or cannot read the disks, it may be handing control back to the HDD due to failure.

Also, try an external ROM drive and see if you can restore from it. If you can, the issue is the drive itself. A I recently had a "new" one (11 months old) die, I know it can happen.

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Reovery cd

by ccommcomm In reply to Just an odd thought

I just wanted to know if you were pushing F12 to choose where you are booting up. When you start up your computer press F2 to access the bios and F12 to choose where to boot from.

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