Toshiba MK1676GSX screws stripped

By faizhaseeb ·
i was trying to take off the cover of the hard drive but when i was trying to unscrew one of the screws it would not budge. after using more force is realised that the screw head was smooth and i coudnt get any grip. is there any way to take the screw out?

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As this is a HDD opening it is going to destroy it so you are not concerned

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Toshiba MK1676GSX screws ...

With keeping it working.

The easiest way is to drill off the top of the screw with a Hand Held Electric Drill. Use a drill bit bigger than the head of the screw and drill down till the head is gone and you have the last screw not quite out but at least no longer holding the cover..

If you think there are any parts or settings inside the drive you are sadly mistaken by opening it you allow in dust particles which are way too big for the drive to handle and will destroy the drive if you power it up.

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