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Toshiba MK6034GAX

By echonancy ·
I just bought from a customer this Toshiba MK6034GAX laptop hard drive. The label indicates that this is a 60gb hard drive, but when i try to install it in my laptop, it showed only 31.5 gb. How is this happen. There is only one partition when viewed from windows disk management services. What should I do to access the remaining disk space? Please help!

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Some things to think about

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Toshiba MK6034GAX

1. The jumper setting on the back of the drive, many have a setting to limit them to 32 GB for use with older systems. - This is the most probable cause.

2. What operating system are you using as some of the older ones won't work with a larger hard drive.

3. Check the motherboard BIOS settings as some were able to be set to strangle a large drive to a smaller setting for use with older operating systems.

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Toshiba MK6034gax

by echonancy In reply to Some things to think abou ...

Thanks for reply...but
1. The only jumper available is when setting the drive as MASTER or SLAVE, nothing more.

2. I am installing Windows XP Professional SP2.

3. The BIOS does not have a setting for LARGER or SMALLER drive space size.

My laptop is Compaq Presario.

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If you haven't put any data of the like on it, you can try

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Toshiba MK6034gax

deleting the partition and creating a new partition, then formatting. See how it handles that. This does sound like the old 32 GB wall, but you shouldn't be getting that with XP SP2.

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Toshiba MK6034GAX

by echonancy In reply to If you haven't put any da ...

I've done deleting the partition and creating new, but the raw space is only 31.5gb. From other thread, they said that there was a hard security lock in the hard drive board, programmed to hide the second partition. Is there a way to remove that security lock?

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The only hard lock on a drive like that I know of is the jumper settings

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Toshiba MK6034GAX

in the back where the jumper settings for the master / slave / cable select is are usually four sets of pins, and one of the configurations limits the drive to 32 GB. removal of the extra jumper and all is well.

Edit - just been checking the Toshiba hard drive site, some of their drives do not have the 32 bit hard limit jumper on them. This seems to be one of those.

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What sized hard drive did you take out? And does the system have

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Toshiba MK6034GAX

an 80 pin cable or a 40 pin cable?

The reason I ask is there are only a few ways you can limit the drive size

1. Jumper setting - not applicable with this drive.

2. Software setting in the BIOS restricting the information about the drive parameters - if auto detect works properly this doesn't apply.

3. Hard setting with a jumper pin on the motherboard - extremely rare and only seen on a few limited production special run jobs.

4. Software capability of the operating system - shouldn't be applicable to XP with Sp2

5. 40 pin cable instead of 80 pin cable and not able to carry the load properly - can often be the case if one or two wires in the cable are damaged and not working right.

6. cable not plug in right at either end.

7. one of the heads isn't working and the drive is faulty. Easily checked by trying in another system.

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Toshiba MK6034GAX

by echonancy In reply to What sized hard drive did ...

I am using the standard 40 pin socket on my laptop mobo. And also, I used it in my portable 2.5inch hard drive enclosure via a USB, also shows 31.5gb, no other partition is shown. And also, i used a low level hard disk format software and showed also that the drive is 31.5gb.

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If it's a true 40 pin cable, that may be your problem

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Toshiba MK6034GAX

all the bigger hard drives use the later IDE standard and require the 80 wire cable. The plug looks the same, but the cable wires are much finer and there are 80 of them as against 40 wires. Try replacing the cable with an 80 wire cable and see if that has an effect.

NB - The socket is still 40 pin, but the cable has 40 finer wires.

I only use the 40 wires cables fro optical drives and HDDs under 30 GB now days as they have issues with anything bigger.

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Thank you

by echonancy In reply to If it's a true 40 pin cab ...

I have no 80 wire IDE cable right now. I try to find one.I'll post the result later.
Thanksfor the time and effort.

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you're welcome - once it's fixed, please remember to come back and

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Thank you

hit the 'helpful' button.

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