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Toshiba notebook cursor problem

By fgwong ·
I have a Toshiba Satellite 2400 notebook with Windows XP Home Edition preinstalled. The cursor is almost always fixated at the lowest item in the screen. For example in the desktop, it would be on the lowest icon or say in Windows Explorer or even Internet Explorer it would remain at the bottom of the screen. Moving the mouse over another item would temporary move the cursor there but then the cursor would relocate to the bottom again. Using the up arrow keys would do the same. Also the item where the cursor is located seems to be flashing, as though it is searching. However sometimes everything would work normally.
I have installed Windows SP2, ran Norton's Utilities, ran anti-spyware, disabled the built-in touch pad and used an external mouse, ran "msconfig" and have disabled items that don't seem necessary and yet the problem remains. Is it a hardware, ie: keyboard problem or is it a software problem?
If I were to reinstall Windows, how should I proceed? I don't have the original CD that came with the computer but I have the original product key (on the sticker on the bottom of the notebook). I do have a copy of Windows that I had installed on my desktop computer. Can I use this copy and use the notebook product key and will this register with Microsoft properly?
Thanks for your help.

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by tben In reply to Toshiba notebook cursor p ...

Are you using some sought of mouse or something?

Try disconnecting input devices that control the cursor.

This sounds more like an hardware issue to me then a software one. Maybe you should consider that before attempting to reformat it.

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by fgwong In reply to

Thanks for the suggestion but the first thing I had tried weeks ago was to disable the touch pad and used a wired and wireless mouse but the symptoms were the same. And I don't have any other input devices. Unfortunately this notebook doesn't have an external keyboard port for me to bypass the built-in keyboard. I think it may be some hardware problem and that is why I have been reluctant to go through the effort of reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows but how do I determine for certain that it is a hardware problem and not a software problem?

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by fgwong In reply to Toshiba notebook cursor p ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Toshiba notebook cursor p ...

you hoping i also will guess some more stuff that you can then reply you tried already?
bad poster. bad.
imho it is iffy if a non matched CD and key are used.

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by antuck In reply to Toshiba notebook cursor p ...

I've seen several laptops do the samething your discussing. The majority of them have been a bad touch pad. But since you have stated you also tried an external mouse it maybe software related. I wouldn't rule out a hardware issue fully yet though.

Have you reloaded the drivers? This would be the first step I would try. Boot into safe mode and do this. Sometimes there are several mouses listed. Remove all then reboot. Let windows redetect the mouse and see what happens. While in safemode and before removing test the mouse and see how it operates.

As far as a reload of windows goes. Does the laptop have a second partition on it? Sometimes and more so lately, the manufactures are putting ther recovery SW on the second partition. If not you can call the OEM and request a recovery disk.

It is a 50 50 chance another OS disk will work with your product key.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Toshiba notebook cursor p ...

Personally I would be going with what Chas has said and attempting a reload of just the drivers for the Touch pa. If you want to use an external Keyboard what's stopping you from trying a USB Keyboard?

Mostly Toshiba's have a hidden Partition with the Recovery Software on that as a Slipstreamed format so before you start wiping the HDD you can log onto Toshiba's web site and download the drivers for your unit and try installing them after first removing them.


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