Toshiba P875-S7102

By ba2486 ·
After getting the Toshiba laptop P875-S7102 from Best Buy I have had a couple of things to be concerned about.

1. The computer comes with 8 gb of ram. Now finding just where this ram is has proven to be a failing task.
sence the computer is expandable to 32 gb of ram I poped off the back cover to find two empty sodimm slots.
the 8gb that are in the computer are nowhere in sight.
calling Toshiba support twice was a total waste of time.
youtube was also a waiste.

Populateing the two visiable empty dimm slots with 8gb dimms gives me 24 gb of ram
telling me there are two other slots somewhere probably with two 4 gb dimms.
where are they?

2. The Machine comes with one 750 GB Toshiba Hard Drive Formatted as GPT with four Partitions
under the UEFI system.
Removed the Toshiba Hard Drive and Inserted two WD 750 7200 rpm (black) HHD's

In the bios (f2 to enter) I turned off Secure boot and Changed the UEFI to CSM and boot order to ODD (cdrom)
with Windows 8 Pro.

Installed Win 8 no Problem. Great

Now to change it from MBR to GPT opps !!!

Start over several days later Tons & Tons of reading and research

Change back to UEFI in Bios another New Hard drive Raw

Set boot order to boot to USB (Windows usb tool and windows 8 Pro)

Forget it won't boot to USB with bios set to UEFI

Created 3 USB's with 3 different programs and all fail with this machine but boot fine under my Desktop
Windows Seven MBR system

I want to create a UEFI boot Hard drive with this machine like the one that came with it.

How ?

Step by step Maybe

Mabe one of your fabulus take aparts of the Toshiba P875-S7102 (only one with 4 Memory slots if you can find them)

Bill Armstrong

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As far as the memory goes...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Toshiba P875-S7102

It could be located under the keyboard.

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to: cmiller5400

by ba2486 In reply to Toshiba P875-S7102

Well Thanks for reading, but the keyboard does,'t come out from the top like other Toshiba's I have worked on and after trying to separate the two halves with no success
I would Like to know for sure before I start tearing into in again.
Getting a repair manual has proved to be so far not available.

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by thamadgreek In reply to Toshiba P875-S7102

Do not see anywhere saying that it can handle 32 gb of mem. Max is 16 gb, here is the link to it on the crucial site.

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by TheChas In reply to Toshiba P875-S7102

Well, I see that the detailed specifications on the Toshiba site state that there are 4 memory slots and that two are used.

Configured with 8GB DDR3 1600MHz (max 32GB)
4 main memory slots. Two slots are occupied."

Darned if I could find any details on where the other 2 slots are.

All I could find were reviews and user guides.

That said, unless you plan to do some very involved work with this, I doubt that you will miss the additional 8 GB you might gain. I have seen very little performance improvement with my Windows 7 x64 system going from 8 to 16GB. Even with the video using the maximum 2GB, I doubt that your system will fully use the full 22GB available for Windows to use.

However, if you decide to tear down the laptop to find those 2 hidden slots, you might as well be the one to post your findings on the web.


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32 GB memory spec listed on toshiba spec sheet

by DChilds In reply to Toshiba P875-S7102

I saw the same spec listed for the max amount of system memory, 32 GB with 4 slots.

Here's the url to the spec sheet I found:

Gonna see if i can find a repair/user guide.

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Pic of illustration showing memory install from user guide

by DChilds In reply to Toshiba P875-S7102

Took a screenshot of the instructions on how to access and replace memory from pg 53 of the toshiba user's guide for this computer:**969584166637/albums/5853272414023495729

User's guide from Toshiba (Which I remember you saying you'd already read.)

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Well basically

by OH Smeg In reply to Toshiba P875-S7102

If the remaining 2 RAM Sockets are not on the Bottom of the M'Board they have to be on the Top and the most likely place is Under the Keyboard.

If you have looked at all of the openings on the bottom and there are only 2 Sockets available on that side of the M'Board you have to look on the Top of the M'Board for the remaining 2 Sockets.

I don

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@ Dchilds

by ba2486 In reply to Toshiba P875-S7102

Yes A Repair Manual is What I Need.
I have not been able to find one at least so far.

Page 53 or 48 thru 56 or do ib from the back side and fro adding extra memory as I have already done with 10 cas Latency modules which will be slowed down to the speed of the memory that came with the machine, so I have to replace those modules to get the benefit of the faster ram.

Thank you
Bill Armstrong

I also want to thank all of you for your work and advise. There are other things I want to change such as the 10/100 NIC and Bluetooth 4.0, A repair Manual will let me know if I can do this, or if I have to change the Motherboard.

thanks again

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@ TheCas

by ba2486 In reply to Toshiba P875-S7102

Yes very Involved
The S875.S7310 is what I want to make out of this one, and maintain the 4 8gb memory slots as the P875-S7102 has instead of 2 8gb slots as the 7310 has.

Crucial been there they are wrong on this one.
I have installed 2 8gb modules in the bottom and now have 24 gb of ram installed.
So there is two other slots somewhere.

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As to your other plans

by TheChas In reply to Toshiba P875-S7102

It does sound like you have plans that will require a full tear-down. You just want to know what you can expect to run into.

I know that it may not be intuitive as to all the steps required to disassemble a laptop. I had to remove a screw and then pop-out the keyboard on my laptop as part of getting to the hard drive.

LAN - most likely on the mainboard and cannot be changed.
Blue-Tooth - I also expect that this will be on the mainboard and not a separate assembly.

As to the hard drives and the file format.
Why not use the Western Digital version of Acronis (from the Western Digital support page) and either clone the original drive, or make other partition changes? The only requirement is that one of the connected drives must be a Western Digital.


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