toshiba protege 3480ct

By dollarboy13 ·
when i turn my laptop it take me to windows 98 command prompt is there any way i can get past this cheers

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Three Methods to choose from, hope they fix your issues..

Method 1.

From the command prompt, type scanreg /restore and choose a date from before the trouble started, if possible.
Method 2.

There is a way to choose to have the Safe Mode boot menu appear each time you start your computer. There is a line in MSDOS.SYS that can read "BootMenu=1". A value of "1" means that the Safe Mode menu shows at every system startup, whereas a value of "0" means that no Safe Mode menu shows at each system startup (though it can still be invoked by tapping the F8 key).

There are two ways to set that value in MSDOS.SYS.

1) The first method, which is to use a text editor to manually change the file (it's attributes may have to altered first, though, to allow it to be 'seen' and to be edited). Notepad is good for this (WordPad generally works for files that are too big for Notepad... but make sure to save the file using the text extension .txt). The attributes of the file need to be reset after editing is finished.

2) The second method is to use the System Configuration Utility.
...a) From the Windows 98 Start Menu, select Run
...b) Type msconfig in the box.
...c) Click OK
...d) Select the General tab
...e) Select Advanced
...f) Under "Advanced Troubleshooting Settings"
-----To show the menu, select Enable Startup Menu
-----To NOT show the menu, de-select Enable Startup Menu
...g) Click OK

3) Exit the System Configuration Utility.

4) Shut Windows down normally, and reboot the computer to test if the change was successful.
Method 3.

Microsoft 98 startup menu
2-logged (bootleg txt)
3-safe mode
4-step by step confirmation
5-command and prompt only
6-safe mode command and prompt only
enter choice
Select Number 1. When your computer starts correctly shut it down using the Start button and select "Shutdown" or "Close". Wait for your computer to do its business and to shutdown properly. Wait 15 seconds and then boot up, from now on it should boot up properly.
Hope this helps you.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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