Toshiba Satellite A135-S7404 and downgrading OS

By jwbradd007 ·
My neighbor came over yesterday with his recent purchase of a Toshiba Satellite model A135-S7404 that came preinstalled with VISTA and begged for me to help him install XP on the system (he was unable to). 4 hours later I had XP installed and was able to find almost all of the drivers needed (I had to find all the drivers from sources other than Toshiba site since the computer was built on the Vista platform and they provided absolutely no XP drivers). I am only one driver short at this time and its for the intergrated Atheros wireless 802.11b/g on the motherboard. Every driver that I had used or found that would work only worked temporarily and then would send the computer in blue screens of death reboot cycles. I figure its because the drivers were based upon the device being the wireless card and not intergrated. Does anybody have access to XP drivers for the intergrated version.....the vista drivers will not work.

Thanks in advance.

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What I would try

by TheChas In reply to Toshiba Satellite A135-S7 ...

I recommend that you look through older Toshiba models and find one that has the Atheros wireless with XP installed.

Odds are if Toshiba did anything with firm-ware configuration or in the BIOS it should be about the same for current and older devices.

Also, have you tried looking for drivers on the Microsoft site? They do have many drivers there.


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by jwbradd007 In reply to What I would try

I had tried those other drivers, both from Microsoft as well as Toshiba's other to no avail that day which is why it took the four hours to do it. Thanks for the help though.

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Possible driver

by fgfgff In reply to Toshiba Satellite A135-S7 ...

Someone is claiming that they have a functioning driver here:

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He gave up

by jwbradd007 In reply to Possible driver

He had to have the wireless access (I had the normal Ethernet working) so he went back to Vista instead of waiting a few days for a fix (although we all know that the computer was "made" for Vista) which I think we could have eventually found a fix. Thanks for the assists everyone.

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Post them...

by ZiadR.B In reply to Toshiba Satellite A135-S7 ...

Hello there,
I am facing the same issue with my A135-S7404, so could you please post a list of where did you find all the XP drivers


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Confirmed working driver

by jimrupprecht In reply to Post them...

Google for this:


Once installed, windows update will take you to version using the validated SMC driver.

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by joe In reply to Toshiba Satellite A135-S7 ...

Howdy, if you run Windows Update, then select Custom, then select all of the updates in the hardware section, you will get the driver for the wireless adapter. In fact you will get all missing drivers except for three: the 56k modem, the SM Bus Controller, and the Video Controller, which is where I am stuck now with my A135-S7404. Can you please tell me where you found your drivers? BTW I want a MAC.

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HELP---I am so sick of Vista

by coffeeshoppoet In reply to A135-S7404 WIFI DRIVE

Hey everybody,

I really need some help finding XP drivers for my Satellite A135-S7404. Is there anybody that would be able to provide some assistance? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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XP drivers for my Satellite A135-S7404

by joe In reply to HELP---I am so sick of Vi ...

I can tell you right now it aint gonna happen - they don't exist-dont waste your time. I spent almost a week looking for them. I am a tech! I tell my clients to make SURE the laptop is downgradeable to XP ***before*** they buy it.

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Yes it is Possible

by terry_g_c In reply to XP drivers for my Satelli ...

I have found XP drivers for this laptop.
Toshibe Satellite A135-S7404

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