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Toshiba Satellite- Freezes, Crashes, won't boot

By the_webninja ·
I bought this Toshiba Satellite almost brand new off Ebay from a guy who decided to sell it instead of throw it against the wall. :)
I was SURE I could figure out any problems it might have. I have been fixing Computers since 1996. Rarely have I been stumped. But this one takes the Cake so far. First of all this is one with an i7 CPU in it, I bought it without a Hard Drive, bought a brand new HD, Brand New Memory, and a Brand New Windows 7 Disk. Tried installing Win 7 about 4 Times before giving up on Windows, it would Freeze up about 5 to 15 min after boot- time after time after time. I tried everything to fix the problem, switched out memory, checked the Cmos Settings,
Formatted and Re-installed. Then I tried Ubuntu, it worked much better, but in the end I wound up with the same problems. Consulting other techs, each one had a Theory, but none had a Solution. Most common was the Motherboard was messed up. I don't buy that.

After reading through dozens of On-line Help files I am beginning to think this is Known Issue that Toshiba is well aware of, but can't fix. It is related to the Bios. This is what I have narrowed it down to. I was close to thinking maybe it was a Bad Hard Drive, but I switched out the Hard Drives and even used Ubuntu CD to run without ANY HD in it, and it STILL Locked up! I switched out two different types of Memory, same things were happening. Battery, no Battery, Just AC Adapter, it didn't matter the problems were still occurring. I took it apart and re-greased the CPU, still nothing changed.

The odd thing is, sometimes it will boot up and work fine for half a day, maybe 6 hours, then other times I only get 15 minutes after the boot it locks up. And it will Lock up just sitting idle not doing anything. One thing I noticed which makes me think it is Bios related is when it Locks up and doesn't reboot correctly it trashes the Boot Sector of the Hard Drive. This has happened a few times that I noticed, I can get it working again by using Ubuntu Recovery options, but it is never quite the same after about 10 times of Crashing and rebooting. And eventually it gets to a Point where it will no longer boot at all unless I completely re-install the OS. But if I pull out the HD and just boot to the Set up Menu everything works fine. That's why I don't believe it is a Motherboard Issue. I think it is in the Bios. Someone told me that Toshiba KNOWS about this issue and even put out a new Bios CHIP to Replace the Old one. Is that True

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