toshiba satellite l505d no boot....well, it will but not often

By aidemzo_adanac ·
toshiba satellite l505d - Has been fine for a few years, kept clean, any viruses removed quickly and effectively. Nothing bad in system now, from AVG, Windows, bunch of independent tools, etc etc.

One morning it decided not to boot, nothing on screen, no post or anything else. 5 or 6 tries later it booted, came up with BIOS error (of course from being powered down from power button) and ran fine. Next day, took three tries. Another it took 5 or 6 with no avail. Let sit for 20 mins and booted first time. Each time with boot errors of course but ti runs no problem once up.

I have swapped out memory, removed and left one stick in, switched them around etc to eliminate a dud stick, but nothing.

I thought MOBO, but when it boots, it's fine.
Thought processor but ruled it out and it runs fine when up and logged in.

I am down to thinking CMOS battery, fits the error when booting but that can also be improper shutdown.

I've seen this is a common problem with Satellites, and one that most have unresolved still.

Any ideas? Anyway to confirm CMOS without removing mobo first?
Can I rewrite checksum data? Should I just try a CMOS or BIOS update?

Any ideas?

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Depends on which Stalactite this actually is

by OH Smeg In reply to toshiba satellite l505d n ...

If it has a BIOS Battery it could be on it's way out and need replacing.

If however it doesn't have a BIOS Battery but a Smart Socket the Socket could be flat and need to be left on Mains Power for a day or two to recharge.


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Bad hard disk

by jqbecker In reply to toshiba satellite l505d n ...

Have you considered a bad hard disk?
Next time it boots up, check the windows error logs, in the system category.
Look for errors named "ftdisk". I bet there are many.

You did not say what the BIOS error is, but I am guessing it cannot find hard disk.

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Reponse To Answer

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Bad hard disk

Had disk is fine, there's no HD activity when powered on mos of the time but it simply isn't even making it to beginning to POST.

Sorry, it's no ta BIOS error just the standard CMOS checksum error, but then again that's after using the power button to shut down so it's to be expected. I'm leaning more and more toward the CMOS battery though, seems pretty common with identical issues so far.

Thanks to screen savers, I just leave it on at home all day.

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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to toshiba satellite l505d n ...

Finally managed to get it to pull up an RTC error 0250 last night, confirming CMOS/RTC battery issue. Will replace on weekend. Thanks for your input!

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