Toshiba Satellite L750 having FPS drops

By jedhorse151 ·
Tags: Hardware
My Toshiba Satellite Specs
CPU: Intel i5 2410 2.30GHZ
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GT 525M (Driver Version: 331.82)
RAM: 8 GB (More RAM added to try and fix this problem)
Windows 7 Premium 64Bit

Problem: After about a year of using my Toshiba laptop, I have been experiencing massive FPS drops. I will be playing a game at 30-60 FPS then it will spike down to 3 FPS every 20-60 seconds. I just want to know how to fix this or if others have this problem because it is driving me up the walls.

PS. My hard drive is barely used and I have tried a disk clean up and defrag!

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Suffering from Same Issue

by uzyy In reply to Toshiba Satellite L750 ha ...

I have been suffering this FPS DROP issue with same model laptop for 4-6 months. Until now I have tried a lot of things to figure that out. But nothing worked so far. I had tried following:
-Disabled Intel Hyper Threading Tech. from bios
-Disabled cpu cores from bios
-Changed registry codes to unparking cpu cores
-Formatted pc few times
-Tried to change the os with xp but couldnt
-Defragged HDD
-Bought CPU cooler
-Disassemblied laptop and cleaned fan and changed thermal paste
-Installed Game Booster
-Applied Antivirus Scan, ComboFix scan
-Reinstalled the games few times
-Upgraded all drivers to their latest versions
-Upgraded BiOS to 3.60 about 4-6 months ago (I'm suspecting now if it caused this or not, but cannot downgrade to old version...)
-Tried a lot of methods like these, but even 10 year old pc games(like generals, COD MW etc) are unplayable because of this ridicilous lagging issue. It is very annoying btw. Never toshiba never laptop anymore.

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So while I have no idea

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Toshiba Satellite L750 ha ...

A few diagnostics would be a starting point the most important one I would start with was CPU Temp when the condition occures.

All new CPU's slow down when they get hot and when they move beyond a certain preset Temperature they'll actually shut the machine down to save the CPU from damage.

So knowing that basics I would be looking at the Temps of the GPU and CPU and see what's happening there. If that's not the case for this issue look at the load on the CPU when the condition occures.

While not the easiest things to do because you have a NB this is what you are stuck with as there isn't much that can be done to change things.

Also for every NB that I sell I supply a NB Cooler like the one that Antec makes


Not because it cools the NB but because these things stop dust and other crud being sucked into the NB and clogging the Airways that are used to cool the important bits of a NB. You can always tell if the client uses the thing or not just by looking at the CPU Heatsink. I've seen some with so much rubbish stuck in the Heatsink that it looks like felt and is totally clogging the airways.


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Starting point

by mjd420nova In reply to Toshiba Satellite L750 ha ...

This problem may be at the core of the OS. If you'd reloaded things a few times, try this. With a new or unformatted drive, boot to the OS disk to install a clean system. If the Nvidia drivers are essential to the games, that would have to be loaded next, THEN the updates as needed or prescribed by the OS. Then try the games, with nothing but the essentials loaded. If things persist, Look for a buyer and shop for a Lenovo.

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