Toshiba Satellite P105 laptop keyboard/mousepad stop working

By thoene ·
Hello...I'm working with a customer who's
laptop was recently attacked with some malware.
I cleaned it up but for some strange reason
after about 3-5 minutes of use on a reboot the
on board keyboard and mousepad just stop
working. I can plug in an external mouse and
keyboard and it works just fine. Could this be
malware related or just hardware and a huge
coincidence? Thanks.

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What is shown in Device Manager?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Toshiba Satellite P105 la ...

If you haven't looked as yet you need to and then work from there. As there has been an infection Windows has most likely been corrupted but you first have to make sure that you have cleaned out the Infection.

By the sounds of your description of this problem you haven't got it all yet.


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RE: Device Manager

by thoene In reply to What is shown in Device M ...

Thanks...sorry for the late reply, I thought
nobody had responded yet. Device Manager
shows all is fine with both the pad and the
keyboard. I wonder if there is some spyware
still attached that disables

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It could just as easily be

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE: Device Manager

That whatever it was you cleaned out took some other files with it.

It is very possible that there is something that starts running after 3 to 5 minutes and kills these services though. If it was just Spy ware that shouldn't have done this but if there was some sort of other Infection it may have crippled the unit or still be running somewhere.

I'm assuming that you scanned this system in Safe Mode to confirm that it truly is clean right?

If you did that and it is still showing as Clean I wouldn't be wasting any more time I would just blow away the OS with a Wiping Utility and start from scratch after first making sure that the owner has a working backup available of course. :0

You can use Boot & nuke available here to do this.


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