toshiba Satellite pro 490 cdt

By bigjake52 ·
i picked up this old computer it's almost not working it needs a new lcd screen and some other crap. It's geting a look at. But it did not come with recovery disk with it i called the company that makes it. but they dont make the disks. i got xp on it but it is very slow. I was thinking of puting the os it came with but where could i download the disk for it or pick them up some wheres?


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If you want

by Jacky Howe In reply to toshiba Satellite pro 49 ...
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This'll breath some life into the ol' girl ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to toshiba Satellite pro 49 ...

According to the Tosh blurb of the time, the 490 cdt "comes with a 4.1 billion byte hard disk". Wow eh?

It's native OS was Windows 95. There are loads of places to pick up .ISO images of this modern-day piece of antiquation. Such as:

Enjoy! :)

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I callled up a frend and.....

by bigjake52 In reply to This'll breath some life ...

So i called up one of my frends he has a 95, 98 and nt disks he does not need whit codes so he is giving them to me. and i calleda compuany that could fix it but they wont lol

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Why did the company shy away from the repair ???...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I callled up a frend and. ...

I'd have thought any company worth their salt, irrespective of what industry, would jump at the opportunity of something 'off the wall'.

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