Toshiba Satellite Pro S200 Bios Password

By Jama Yassin ·
My Freind forgot Bios password and i tried to reset by removing CMOS battery but never changed, every time i turn on it required Password how i can remove it? Help me pls

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This is quite simple really but you'll need your fiend to help you

by I'm ORAC In reply to Toshiba Satellite Pro S20 ...

Also there is some special equipment that you'll require. A big Tracked Vehicle like a 40 Ton Excavator or D12 CAT will do the job nicely. Naturally most people do not have one of these so you can steal one for the few minutes that you'll require the use of it and you'll need to get your fiend to drive it.

Now this is important hold the Password Protected Computer in your left hand and stand in front of the right hand track of the machine. This is Important if you do not hold the computer in your left hand and use the right hand track this Password Crack will not work.

Now after you have acquired the bit of Earthmoving Equipment and your fiend has Hot-Wired it you need to hold the Password Protected Computer in your Left Hand and stand in front of the right hand track while your fiend drives the equipment forward. As the Right Hand Track gets close put your head within 20 mm of the front of the running computer and look carefully. As the Right Hand Track crushes the computer the Password will leak out of the computer so you need your eyes very close and in a dark area as the password has very week lighting and if you miss it you will be unable to recover it ever again. You can only use this method once per computer so it is very important to do it right the first time as there is no second chance.

Anyway as the right hand track crushes the computer the password leaks out of the bottom left hand side of the computer and then dissolves into the ground very quickly. But if you look closely you will see the Password lying on the ground illuminated for several seconds before it disappears forever.

The reason you need to use your left hand and the right hand track of the equipment is that if you do not the password will leak out backward or mixed up and it will be impossible to read or understand.

The other important thing is your fiend has to keep the earthmoving equipment running till it runs out of fuel so they are required to sit in the drivers seat after first filling the tank/s of the machinery after they drive the unit forward and crush the computer.

This way they will make sure that you can read the password as it leaks out but this process only works if done on a week night in a busy Metropolitan center.

It's important that you do not share this Password Cracking tip with others as I would get into serious trouble for sharing it and I may even get terminated from my current position which I do not want to happen.

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Reponse To Answer

by seanferd In reply to This is quite simple real ...

Ground-based advice. Excellent.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Toshiba Satellite Pro S20 ...

i resemble seanferd's remark

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