Toshiba Satellite slow and getting slower

By erika.c ·
I bought a Toshiba laptop last January because I was told they make the best laptops. I was so thrilled with the new machine but lately, I'm having problems.

Some time ago, it started doing strange things. I'd be typing away and suddenly I would not see what I'm typing. I'd look and look and, lo and behold, the words are showing up in another part of the page. (This happens responding to an email or filling out an online form. In any case, it's where there is other writing on the page)

Well, not only that but I have noticed that the system has slowed down considerably.
I am running XP SP2 with Intel Pentium M processor 1.73GHz, 502MB RAM, Mobile Intel **5GM/GMS, **0GML Express Chipset Family.

I have PC-Cillin 2007 which updates automatically several times a day. I run CCleaner often. I run AdWare often. The only thing that shows up is StatCounter which I need because it's on my website.

I have 100 GB hard drive of which 45GB is still empty.

OK, that's about it. So why is this baby running slow when I also have high speed internet?

However, I do have around 63 things running in the background. I know that's a lot. Any suggestions?

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Wow, 63 running processes?

by mjd420nova In reply to Toshiba Satellite slow an ...

That seems rather excessive. Check the task manager to see what all is going on. Look at the applications and see what all is running and if you can eliminate anything. Look at processes and see what seems to be taking up CPU time. As for the cursor jumping to other places on the page, it could be a dirty keyboard, possibly a function key that's intermittently adding itself, like a tab key or something.

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Toshiba Satellite slow an ...

start\programmes\accessories\system tools\defrag
start\programmes\accessories\system tools\disk cleanup
go to my computer,right click on you c and select properties.Select the tools tab and press the box that say's check now.A box will appear.Tick both boxes and press ok.Another box will appear and select yes.Reboot and allow the process to complete.

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Jumping Mice

by Tig2 In reply to Toshiba Satellite slow an ...

I have also had that issue on a lappie with the ALPS touchpad (don't know if that is the same as the Toshiba uses, I think it is). The easiest way around it is to use a USB mouse and disable the touchpad mouse. Since you can re-enable the pad at any time, you can still use the unit in a fully portable state. That said, the industry is recognising that this is a common problem. It is very easy to skim across the surface of the pad and send your cursor somewhere it doesn't belong. I am seeing a lot of very portable optical mice that are intended to be used with laptops.

As far as the best equipment to purchase- everyone has favourites. The next time you are in the market, base your decision on which manufacturer makes the machine best suited to your individual needs.

Good luck!

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Did I miss something...

by DNME In reply to Toshiba Satellite slow an ...

Ok I think I missed something here, we are talking about a slow Laptop with 63 'things' running, right? so where does the jumping mouse come in? First off - are the 63 things running processes or programs? I checked my PC, 56 Processes running, not a big deal to me...
I suggest you get a hold of Autoruns, Process Explorer and Rootkit Revealer and take a closer look at what is running on your pc. These you can get from sysinternals.com - once you've checked this out come back and with maybe more info and we'll see if the problem (if there is one) can be fixed.

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Check Toshiba site!

by dwulkan In reply to Toshiba Satellite slow an ...

I too love my Toshiba 5105! But, I bought a M30X for my uncle last Christmas. the screen went haywire and research showed there was a class action recall on that model. Something in the screen called a "rectifier" went biserk. Your missing keystrokes sounds like either keyboard driver or similar screen problems. Just a suggestion based on our experience.

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by sparkle_126 In reply to Toshiba Satellite slow an ...

You know, so many programs start up when you first log on. Many times they are not needed. I bet that if you went into MSConfig, in the startup, you would see a whole bunch of things that are running and slowing things down. For example hp printer drivers load up at startup...but do you need that to start up? no.

it would be interesting for you to go "start-run-msconfig, then go to the startup tab and see for yourself all of the processes that are starting up and making your computer slower. If you could send a screenshot of all of the processes starting up through msconfig, i could go through them and disable them.

Remember, they are still there, but just don't start up and continually run. For example, i dont need adobe running all of the time, only when i need to look at pdf's.

You have to be sure of what you are doing and disabling, though. Rule of thumb is..if you dont know, dont disable.

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msconconfig II

by jets_ya In reply to msconfig

Just to epand on sparkle's suggestion for using msconfig.

Run msconfig, check ->selective start-up
uncheck ->load start-up options
and restart Windows.
you can then try your performance withoutso many possibly superfluos things running in the background. After runinng this way for awhile, run msconfig and go thru your start-up list and enable only what you definitely know you require and restart again. You may find there is some background task you have been running that you do not need. Trial and error, dude...trial and error

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Try This it might help

by ahmadaliyu In reply to Toshiba Satellite slow an ...

I think the major reason for your slow performance is mabe you have so many programs running on the background. however,deleting system restore and doing a few scandisk and disk defrag.

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