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Toshiba TE2000 Password?

By its_reflexed ·
i forgot my password for my toshiba laptop its a Te2000 with windows xp and has very important documents on there... i have tryed removing both batteries in the laptop the bios one and the charged one... i left them 48hours without batteries and still asks for the password

i called toshiba they said you can connect the laptop to other pc and reset the password or something but i have to send it to them in order to be able to do that and it will cost about $290 or something but i have tryed everything and i was just wondering if anyone noes how to do this\

is it flashed to the |EPROM Chip or something i changed the cpu NO... HDD. No... removed all backup batteries over 48hours .NO

i cant think of anything else

if it allowed boot options i could crack it but it dont allow BIOS access nor Boot Options
Under Password Entered

Someone Must Noe How To Do It\

Tryed Backdoor passwords but they dun work
cause the backdoor passwords are toshiba and bios star default etc... and i forgot the actual password ....


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by rindi1 In reply to Toshiba TE2000 Password?

What did you apply the password to? was it the harddisk? If so, there probably isn't an easy or cheap way to do it, then you'd have to send it to toshiba to reset.

If it is the BIOS PAssword you can try this (probably what toshiba meant when you asked there):


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by its_reflexed In reply to

Everything HDD BIOS/CMOS Protected

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by dustyD In reply to Toshiba TE2000 Password?

See the thread for this question:

Download and unzip onto a floppy, boot from floppy.

You can also remove the drive and install it another laptop or desktop.

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by its_reflexed In reply to

OI Man The Laptop Is Locked Complety HDD BIOS/CMOS
Everything It Wont Allow Me To Boot From FDD Nor CDROM Nor Network Nothing I Cant Even Get Into The Windows

I Took The HDD Out But Cause Its Protected Somehow I Cant Get My Data Off And Its Really Important To Me The Information On There Is Worth More Then The Stupid Laptop

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by willcomp In reply to Toshiba TE2000 Password?

Was HDD connected to another PC running XP? If so, what messages did you get when trying to access data on hard disk? Can you access any folders on hard disk?


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by its_reflexed In reply to

The HDD Picks Up But Nothing On There I Tryed To View Hidden Files And Folder Too But Nothing Its Like Some Locked Kinda Thing I Dunno - PROTECTION Or Something

I Trying Everything Ay Plz Help

Thanks For Your Help So Far...
Appreciate IT

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by rindi1 In reply to Toshiba TE2000 Password?

You said you put the HD in another system and couldn't get the data off. Were you able to connect to Disk at least? Was there an error message booting up, was it recognized by bios or by your OS?

As I said, if the HD is password protected you won't be able to get to its data all by yourself. You'll either have to send to toshiba or the Harddisk manufacturer, and as far as I know they will need proof (proof of purchase) that the disk is yours, including the data on it. Once that is clarified they should be able to reset the password of that disk. But it will be expensive. There might be a chance of other companies being able to reset the password, I'm not sure.

As for reseting the Password of the PC, the link I sent you before should help, but if your going to send in your disk you might as well send in the whole PC.

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by its_reflexed In reply to

Nah It Picks Up In Other Pc Bios i connected it from laptop ide to computer ide tranfer cable it picks up you get into windows this as a slave i tryed master but wouldnt boot cause diff chipset or something or protection restarts after loading past bios or something you know what XP Is Like Drops Drivers Out But it could have been protection thing too dunno

but the only way i can see this working it too crack the laptop somehow any ideas, one of my mates said hold down the left shift key whilst booting but that didnt help the other ones said press num lock and then type cause if num lock set to boot before password set you wont get the keys typed correctly tryed that

im complety screwed unless someone smart knows something a way around this COME ON THIS IS TECHREPUBLIC Where are all the pro's helping me out - come on guys

need ya help
thanks for ya time buddy but i aint getting newhere ATM

as for sending in my PC you know where the closest toshiba dealer is (EXACTLY) not one near perth

and its expensive

i just asking for some addive but if its beyond your comprehension just forget about it i appreciate your time but i gotta get a way around this without them cause if your mum wasnt there for you when you where little you got your dad but if your dad aint there whats gonna happen exactly work something out for me PLEASE (metaphor)

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by dustyD In reply to Toshiba TE2000 Password?

OK, yOUNG man. I don't care if you think it won't work. Just follow the instructions in ans 2, I don't care about the points. You shouldn't reject answers just because YOU think they won't work.

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by its_reflexed In reply to


how am i supposed to boot from floppy when it wont allow boot when locked cause password is before boot mode - I Got Certificate 4 In IT I Know What Im Doing... I Just Stuck On This One So It Seems No 1 Knows

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