Toshiba Wireless error message

By jlemmerman ·
Toshiba L25 Satellite laptop running Atheros client utility.

Consistently returns ConfigFree error message "Another vendor's application is controlling the wireless adaptor" when I attempt to connect.

Any help?


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Windows configuration?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Toshiba Wireless error me ...

Have you disabled the Windows configuration from the Properties of the wireless connection in Network Connections? Because you are trying to use the Atheros client utility, the Windows configuration must be disabled, otherwise you cannot use the utility.

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Same problem, Same machine

by plevine In reply to Windows configuration?

Same problem, Same machine.
Wireless Interconnection Properties has two tabs, General and Advanced. The third tab with the check box to disable the Windows configuration is not displayed. Any suggestions?

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by CG IT In reply to Same problem, Same machin ...

to use it, you have to have Windows Manage the wireless NIC so the check box in the advanced tab to allow Windows to manage the wireless nic is checked? .

I'll assume that you found the on/off switch on the right side of the laptop for the wireless NIC. Nothing will work until you turn on the NIC. The software will give the appearance that the wireless is functional but unless the NIC is turned all you'll get are config errors.

Did you try the connection doctor?

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Check Box?

by plevine In reply to humm

The wireless adapter is working and detects signals. When I attempt to connect I get the message. I am guessing that that the third tab that has the appropriate check box (NOT the Advanced tab) was eliminated when Toshiba installed the managing software and that somehow windows has regained control. Is there some other way to disable the windows manager?

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berry interesting

by CG IT In reply to Check Box?

humm ok when that big radar screen comes on and you locate your wireless network, when you click and drag to the center, you get the message? When you use the connection doctor what does it show?

The satellite I setup for a client gave me some interesting problems because I assumed Windows was managing the wireless NIC. However when you open properties page, the entire page is grey. That indicates Windows is NOT managing the Wireless NIC. So, what you want to do is allow Windows to manage the wireless connection, after that, when you drag your SSID station on the radar screen to connect, you'll be prompted to provide your WPA or WEP key depending on what encryption the station uses. IF you set the station encryption key to something other than key 1 [default] then you have to manaually change that to which key you use 1-4].

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Found the problem.

by plevine In reply to berry interesting

Oops!, Pilot error! The computer came with Intel PROSet Wireless installed and that was managing the wireless connection. Toshiba also supplied ConfigFree (which produces the bullseye display) which appeared on the desktop and was also active. Opening PROSet and going to Tools --> Application Settings allows you to show the application icon on the toolbar. Right clicking on the icon allows you to switch between letting Windows to manage Wi-Fi or letting PROSet to manage Wi-Fi. Setting it to Windows management allows Config Free to operate properly.

Thanks for the help.

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