Toshibal A105-S2001 Won't boot recovery cd...New Hard Disk

By jerrydanie ·
I am working on toshiba laptop A105-s2001. It has no floppy available. 3 weeks ago hard drive failed, so I purchased a new toshiba mk8052gsx hard disk. Swapped the drives, booted recovery cd(from toshiba) and reinstalled the software. Worked fine.

Now, here's the question. Operating system is corrupt again. Windows will load a screen, upon boot up, saying the software did not load correctly and gives safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc.etc. No option works. It will start loading windows files and locks up.
So, I had a second toshiba hard drive. Same model. When I try to use the recovery cd it will load the files and get to a screen that says please wait....system locks. I tried to let the hard disk set for 1 hour to see if I was just being inpatient, but system is just plain locked up.
On the 2nd hard disk, I also just let it load normally and I get an error saying ntldr is missing. But, recovery cd, windows xp pro, and windows vista will not get past the please wait screens for doing a fresh install.

I do have a second computer tower, with sata cables available. So I check the drives with diagnostic utilities, and they come up fine. What do I do. It is like the drive is not booting. All drives are recognized in bios on the laptop(which does not have a floppy).

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It has nothing at all to do with the HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Toshibal A105-S2001 Won't ...

This error comes up as a result of Faulty RAM.

Check the RAM with a Testing Utility like the Ultimate Boot CD or MEM Test and replace the faulty stick.



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Checked the ram,,,,replaced and same thing

by jerrydanie In reply to It has nothing at all to ...

I have replaced the 1.5 gbs of ram with just a brand new 1gb kingston stick. Same problem. Will load bios, give an error saying windows did not start correctly with options that don't work.

Currently downloading ultimate boot cd. Hoping to find something useful there.
Upon load up on XP, system will start to load files and freeze(in safe mode). I just get a blank screen when I try to start normally. Still looking for any answer.

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Are you sure you have the correct Type of RAM for this unit?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Checked the ram,,,,replac ...

Check here with Kingston for the type you should be using


Whiloe the problem could be related to a faulty M'Board the most common thing is that it is RAM Related to either Faulty RAM or incorrect RAM for the computer. Quite often when the wrong RAM is fitted as in wrong Speed RAM the system will not even start but on the occasions when it does there are major timing issues that cause unexpected failures.

You should also test the HDD with the HDD Makers Testing Utility I think that Toshiba use Seagate Drives in this model so here is Seagate's HDD Testing Utility.


Of course this as well as other makers Testing Utilities are on the Ultimate Boot CD so if you have that downloaded and burnt to a CD use that to test the HDD.

If it fails in this computer remove the HDD and fit to another computer and test again if it still fails the drive is damaged. If it passes on the second test the M'Board, Power Supply or Data Lead is faulty.


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