Tosihba Laptop - Screen Problem (just general question)?

By kevinridge ·
I have a Tosihba A105 laptop and the bottom half of the screen starts
to just freeze or fade white. I plugged in external monitor and
everything shows up fine so its probably something with the lcd. Now
to narrow it down, whenever i move the screen around, if i get it in
certain position the screen becomes normal again but if it shakes a
little, it start fading white again.

I am just wondering what the possible problem could be? Do you
think lcd is bad (shaking shouldnt affect it than) or perhaps a loose
video cable?

Any help would be great!

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Depending on the chassis build ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Tosihba Laptop - Screen P ...

The video feed from the laptop motherboard goes into the laptop's lid via one of the hinges. Over time, the lid being opened and closed repeatedly, the cable can become brittle and some of the data line can become corrupted.

Having said that, there is also the possibility that the inverter, or the backlight, both of which may be in the lid (some builds have the inverter in the main chassis body) are inherently subject to the force of gravity and by varying the tilt of the lid so the screen image can come and go.

Either a trip to a Toshiba technician is advisable OR you elect to use the laptop with an external monitor, using the key-combination to switch the laptop screen off permanently.

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