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Total Network Documentation

By mark.c.duncan ·
I am looking for a guide or book that details the format and content of network documentation (total IT structure). As a contractor for the US Army, I am required to document "everything" (hardware, software, cable plant, shares, permissions, etc.). The data is staggering. The documentation should be able to be used and understood by laymen (if the contractors are removed from service, the government non-computer scientists would be able to continue in our absence). I have looked everywhere only to find companies that provide that service.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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You're Not Alone

by anthony.martini In reply to Total Network Documentati ...

I work for a small IT consulting/VAR company. We have created
some documentation for our clients' networks, but they have
always been lacking, especially when it comes to upkeep. We want
a solution that will not involve a lot of money for an "automated",
prepackaged software solution. I'd appreciate any ideas--even
something as simple as a comprehensive checklist.

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My thoughts?

by mcdewitt In reply to Total Network Documentati ...

Mr. Duncan,

I am in the Navy and am currently facing the same issues. I have been using several resources to tackle the problem a little bit at a time. The SSAA's and provided documents with your installs help a little and all that can be used.

Right now I am creating my own documentation notebook for each network / system I own and am trying to use "Reusable" templates where ever I can.

One big help as a starter was to use the Network Notebook Documentation Template from TechRepublic which got me started. I have customized the heck out of it though as military requirements are sometimes allot different than civilian.

Currently I am looking for a Port Map template for my switches to document what each port on my switch does to. Trying to include MAC addresses, IP Addresses, and Media Type. If I can not find one, I will try to make some to submit to this site.

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