Totaled HDD

By night.lancer ·
hey guys, i dont know waht has happened here, but the story goes like this:
i tried to add some ram to my PC, in the process i must have knocked the CMOS battery or something to cause the CMOS to default back to its origanal settings, when i booted my computer i got a "CMOS checksum error - loading defaults" "press F1 to continue"
when i did that i attemted to boot windows but came back saying "boot disk fail, insert a bootdisk to continue"
so i put in my windows XP disk and took a look, it told me that i had 2 drives C: and both of 133000Meg, instead of my 3 drives: C: which is 100gig, which is 400gig (C+D are one physical 500gig drive partitioned wiht windows XP installed to drive C:) and H: whcih is 1T, in my frustration in thinking i had lost all my data i walked off to find a solution on my laptop, which is what i am currently on, in the process my wife (who has no ideas about computers but is full of good intentions) attemted to fix it for me by attempting to install windows XP on one of the unkown partitioned drives that came up...
i dont know what she did, but i unplugged the 1T drive and started the machine up, because she didnt know which drive she formatted and i attemted to make it easier for me to fix, when starting up my computer to boot from the windows XP disk it booted straight into windows, and works, it still has both of my origanal partitions on it(C: 100g and 400g).
i shut down my computer, plugged into the 1T drive and booted the machine, it boots to windows, the 1T doesnt come up under 'My computer', but does apear in 'device manager'
now here is when it gets really spooky.... i go to 'computer management' and under 'drive management' i find my 1T drive.... EXCEPT now it is convinced that it is a 1499.46gig drive with 4 partitions on it, 104.01GB unallocated, 811.57GB healthy (unkown partition), 259.39GB healthy (unknown partition), 324.49GB unallcoated....
anyone know what the heck has happened here? and is there any hope for getting my data back after all this?

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RE: "she didnt know which drive she formatted" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Totaled HDD

I think you may have answered your own question.

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drive letters

by balge In reply to Totaled HDD

can you assign drive letters through Disk Management (or rescan)
just to check this is a data drive not a system drive?
I use Acronis DiskDirector to recover partitions but check TR downloads I think theres some freeware ones

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RE: Drive letters

by night.lancer In reply to drive letters

thanks for the insight, i got a some disk recovering software off my old man, which is running atm, cant assign drive letters to the partitions through disk management, its as if the whole drive is failed....
i am still yet to work out how she managed to make the drive think that it was bigger then it actually is though... lol

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by balge In reply to RE: Drive letters

well good luck with recovery! I would think it's Windows that's confused rather than the drive though lol
other thoughts - have you checked BIOS settings for SATA -speed, active channels etc in case they changed?
check boot.ini for 'stray' installs

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Re: Recovery

by night.lancer In reply to recovery

thanks for the boot.ini idea, and im guessing that you mean stray installs of windows, yes?
and yeah, i did check BIOS, and it told me that the drive is inface a 1000gig drive as it should be, i definitly agree with the fact that windows is very confused....
as for the recovery, finally finished a moment ago, it would seem that a fair chunk of it is recoverable, but at this current time i dont have a drive for it to recover too... will have to go down the road in the morning and get a new one it is 1am over here atm... the only issue is that it cant come up with the file names for all my movies/TV shows... that is going to be utter **** if it cant reconstruct the file names and paths for them... im going to have to manually get all the episodes names...

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by balge In reply to Re: Recovery

yes boot.ini lists windows installs, where they are etc.


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