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Totally Agree

By litefite7 ·
Microsoft has created its own problem, it bought out all its competition, and sky rocketed it prices for all OS and Office packages and complain about afew pirated copies of its software. $200 for an upgrade, MS you should be ashamed of your self for doing their valued customers like that. I look at my CD cases of licensed OS's and Office Packages and think about the thousands of dollars i've spent keeping my computers running through the years. MS has created this dishonesty through their greed.MS will loose a great number of customers this year. Instead of embracing loyal customers with good price breaks they continue to give them the shaft, because we all know that we all are criminals.I am very P.Oed about having to call MS every time I change the hardware in my desktop, to reactivate my software. Looking for good MS alternative!

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by Jaqui In reply to Totally Agree

Xandros linux is targeted at end user desktop systems.
it will even allow running ms orifice and internet exploiter.
( crossover office )

so you don't have to learn everything over from scratch.

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MS Prices

by lamparth In reply to Totally Agree

Actually there are ways to get better pricing from MS and they are cheaper than the current Verison of Novell is.

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TCO is more than just price...

by Praetorpal In reply to MS Prices

The cost of ownership is more than just purchase price of course. You must include maintenance, hardware requirements, anti-virus and other security, downtime and clean-up, all of which greatly influence overall costs in the long run.

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which is..

by Jaqui In reply to TCO is more than just pri ...

why linux has a lower tco than microsoft likes.
linux apps are either free, or lower cost. ( with some exceptions )
no real requirement for anti-virus / spyware.
( firewalls included with os )

downtime is measured in seconds per week at most.
clean up?
not with linux.
unlike microsoft which just throws data at the hard drive, the real unix / unix like os carefully place it on the drive, in an ordered fashion.
my home directory on my system has 20 gb of data on it, and has never needed cleaning as in defragmenting, after several years of heavy use it's still only 1% fragmented.

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