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Tough Adware - Asking for Help

By Sabot ·
I work as the virus chaser at a hospital. I battle more adware than I do viruses. I have one I cannot clean. The page it brings up is and I cannot find the source. I use Spybot S&D, Spyware Doctor, and Spy Sweeper.
Anyone know how to kill this beast? It beat me on Windows 98, this one is on 2000. Thanks

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RE: Tough Adware

by bobjones68 In reply to Tough Adware - Asking for ...

Have you tried Ad-Aware SE Personal from I have found that to be very good.

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Yes, Ad-aware se, choose full system scan

by robspcfixerupper In reply to RE: Tough Adware

Spybot is pretty good, but Ad-aware has one advantage - capability of full system scan. Here's the link:**0.html?part=69274&subj=dlpage&tag=button

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Run Hijackthis

by Garion11 In reply to Tough Adware - Asking for ...

Run Adware with the latest definitions and see what it picks up. If that doesn't work, run Hijackthis and post the log of Hijackthis here and one of us can show you which entries to delete. Hijackthis can be downloaded here.

Good luck.

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two important notes

by apotheon In reply to Run Hijackthis

1. It's not "Adware" that you want to run, it's "Ad-Aware" from Lavasoft. There are a lot of pieces of malware out there that use names similar to "Ad-Aware", but do bad things. You need to be sure you're using the right name.

2. Before using HijackThis, try Bazooka out. It's a great tool, and often more helpful than HijackThis and a discussion forum. It can be found at (where there's a link to a download page, which I think is at I'm not saying HijackThis shouldn't be used, but it's sort of a "last resort" because it doesn't make anything easy for the user.

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Safe Mode is key

by jdclyde In reply to Tough Adware - Asking for ...

Install AdAware SE, and do the updates.
I then do a "msconfig" and kill anything I don't want running.

Control Pannel / Add - remove programs and uninstall anything that shouldn't be there. Sometimes they are here, sometimes they aren't.

Boot to safe mode.

Run full scan with AdAware and remove anything it finds. May have to reboot and do this again as some of the malware hides other malware.

If this doesn't work, or something keeps coming back after you clean it out, do a google search on that particular one.

If you get the pay version of AdAware, it has AdWatch which blocks anything from being written to the registry. Start that while you do your cleanups and watch for what it says is tring to make the changes and hunt it down and kill it, one at a time.

Or format the drive and then switch over to FireFox.

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Another one to try....

by herrmannator In reply to Tough Adware - Asking for ...

is Microsoft's new free Beta product (based on their recent aquisition of Giant Anti-spyware).

It is a very good desktop product (not enterprise class yet), and definately worth a try.


Link to download the Beta version:

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Bad Advice.

by triso In reply to Another one to try....

Don't listen to herminnator. He is quite the joker recommending Microsoft _beta_ software for a enterprise class problem.

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ms beta- not bad...

by michael.munt In reply to Another one to try....

having been using the beta for the last few days, i am actually quite impressed with it.... ran faster than ad-aware and spybot on the deep scan.

looking forward to seeing the final release... (did i really say that about an ms product...)

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try this page....

by michael.munt In reply to Tough Adware - Asking for ...
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To Nuke or Not

by phstacker In reply to Tough Adware - Asking for ...

I recently had a very bad Malware/Spyware/Virus situation. And like you, after much time, I still had one that I could not get rid of even with HighJackThis. It really didn't take much time to just Nuke and Repave and certainly less time then I put into attempting to find the last problem.

I do have a couple of suggestions for future consideration, install Spyguard, SpyBlaster, and enable the teaTimer in Spybot. There are also other good programs that can block entries to the registery, so perhaps that, along with some additional User Education, might help prevent this in the future.

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