By LittleWashu ·
My job has me working in temperature's of down to minus 20 Fahrenheit and sometimes around six feet of water. So what I am looking for is a fully equipped laptop that can handle those kind of frigged temperatures and can handle, at most, the pressure of being plunged six feet into the water.

I've looked around places like Dell, Panasonic and other companies that sell tough books and their ads in Google claim water proof and water resistant and withstand frigid temps but when I click the link to look at the information, nothing about water or temperatures can be found.

Anyone know of any laptops out there that can withstand the type of specs I am looking for?

Budget is not an issue.

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Water proof diving bag

by TheBOFH In reply to Toughbooks

Have you looked water proof clear diving bags?

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Looking for..

by LittleWashu In reply to Water proof diving bag

Something that will actually continue to work if I drop it under water.

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by dpalsen In reply to Toughbooks

I've talked to a number of people who use Panasonic toughbooks, and say they work well in "odd" climates, including in the middle of a rainstorm, but I've never talked to anyone who's tried to actually use one underwater.

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by LittleWashu In reply to Toughbooks

The water proofing is just in case I drop it under water. :) And I looked at those but there didn't seem to be much information given.

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There won't BE any water ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Toughbooks

Not at minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit (-28.88'C).

It would all be ice.

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I know

by LittleWashu In reply to There won't BE any water ...

I was referring to two different conditions of usage.

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