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    TP Link Deco S4 & IPTV

    by vindzhev ·

    Hi all,

    I bought Deco S4 and tried to set it up at home. Internet works fine out of the box but I have some troubles with the IPTV. On the main Deco I have the ISP cable and one going into my desktop pc and on one of the slaves I have switch and two IPTV boxes. On both of them the image lags a lot. If I decide to plug that switch on main Deco port (instead of my desktop pc) everything works perfectly.

    Is it a limitation that I can’t have IPTV set up on the slave devices? If so why the app allows me to configure it that way?

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      Can’t guess why but will write how we solve the connection.

      by rproffitt ·

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      Well I can guess but mesh systems can be hit or miss. When they don’t work you either use their tech support or return it for something else.

      Here I prefer classic setups that we know work. It’s not often we don’t get a connection inside the home with the usual modem+router supplied by the ISP.

      Before I continue, always supply the ISP’s supplied setup, models and details so we know what we are working with.

      The usual solution is the ISP gear, centrally located in the home for the WiFi to cover the home. If there is some spot that needs better WiFi we install a Powerline Wi-Fi kit.

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      What is a IPTV? How does it Work? What advantages you can get?

      by janetssre ·

      In reply to TP Link Deco S4 & IPTV

      Hey Vindzhev, as you explained you are facing certain issue.
      Let me explain What is a IPTV?
      Basically IPTV is nothing but a Internet based protocol Television. It can give live or on-demand TV programs and videos are delivered over the Internet. Through the use of internet protocol technology, IPTV enables the subscriber to receive digital television services through a broadband or internet connection.

      And how does it Work:
      IPTV is similar to browsing the internet compared to traditional channel surfing. Video is delivered to the viewer via IP (Internet Protocol), which is a transport protocol. In order to transmit video from different sources (servers) over the internet, the viewer clicks on a TV program or requests a video. Over fiber-optic cable, video servers broadcast programs to existing homes via internet connection, and show requests are sent and responded to.

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