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TR Community scoreboard for September 27, 2013

By Sonja Thompson Staff ·
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Here are the TR community stats for the past week:

TR members with the most total posts on the forums
wizard57m-cnet - 10
AV . - 7
BFilmFan - 6
Hal 9000 - 5
froztbyt - 4
jesfr, john.a.wills, and haxdnoob - 3
j9523johnp and mwilliams306 - 2

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Discussions forum
wizard57m-cnet - 2

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Q&A forum
wizard57m-cnet - 3
Hal 9000 - 2
smp4488, didgeye, and Galaxy4643 - 1

We’d also like to wish a very happy birthday to TR Managing Editor Toni Bowers and TR member NetMan1988!

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Happy Birthday Toni and NetMan1988...

Good Morning Sonja! Coffee? [_]3 Careful, it's hot! Hope everyone has a good weekend too!

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Thanks for the coffee

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to Happy Birthday Toni and N ...

Love the cup! Can I keep it? I'm working on a mocha coconut brew right now... nothing like drinking what tastes like dessert in the morning! Have a great weekend!

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Sorry Soni

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks for the coffee

You have to give the cup back or run the risk of being arrested for stealing it. I'm reliably informed Glenn Stole it and filled it with coffee then gave it to you so you could have a drink and get moving first thing this morning.

It's one of the problems when you associate with members of the Medical Profession they are known to Liberate Cups to feed their addiction and see nothing wrong with it. [Maniacal Laughter]


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Don't listen to HAL, Sonja...

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Thanks for the coffee

Of course you can keep the cup! I've got plenty! See, the fountain has a large supply of cups, keep them full for the morning coffee drinkers! Other cups and mugs were left by various pharma representatives, since they can't leave me the good stuff like they do for MDs, hehe! Shucks, I feel lucky if I get an ink pen or scratch pad!! :)

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Where are you guys posting?

by Slayer_ In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

The community still shows the exact same comments as last week?

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I post here and there, in Q&A,

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Where are you guys postin ...

and the Watercooler! 10 posts last week, woo hoo!

BTW, slayer, I got rid of the multiple posts. Tip...even though it sometimes seems as though your comment doesn't post, don't press post again unless you get an error message.

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Slayer I'm not sure where Wiz is posting

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Where are you guys postin ...

But I haven't been around much with mum in Horsepital but I do try to look in every day.


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Seems that I was busier last week than what I thought I was

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to TR Community scoreboard f ...

Anyway regardless Soni have a great weekend.

Toni and NetMan1988! Hippo Burfday.


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Also there is something screwy going on here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Seems that I was busier l ...

When I tried posting with IE in Comparability View I was presented with a download option to download something. The same thing happened when I clicked on Reply. I've currently got 2 Unknown Files int he Download list which for obvious reasons I've stopped.

IE8 also didn't display the above post even with refreshing and changing from Oldest to newest several times. The only way I got the post above up was to restart the browser after opening the same thread in FF and even in that every time I click on Reply the site goes through the Log In Process even though I have already made a post and am logged in.


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I've turned compatibility view off

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Also there is something s ...

with IE8 and IE10 the past couple of weeks, so far working pretty well. Opera 11.64 works also...and if all else fails, I've got a KHTML based browser to throw at the site (QTWeb).

edit to, for the "HUB" and accessing the moderator tools, I don't have much luck with IE of any version, but Opera works. Maybe I should fire up Win95 and IE501, hehe!

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