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TR - Formal Reportng Process

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I?ve been chatting with a lawyer friend of mine and the subject of online post contents has been a topic of debate. Could some person please inform me to the formal complaint / reporting process that exists here on Techrepublic or the CNET Network Inc in general?


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by JamesRL In reply to TR - Formal Reportng Proc ...

The process at TR is to send an email to Beth Blakely.

I'm curious of course as to what you are objecting to. Beth gets a fair number of notifications of SPAM, and the odd totally offensive thread is eliminated but for the most part the forums are pretty much self policing. And I honestly hope it stays that way, as it is one of the charms of the place.


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I'm being threatened with extredition

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Currently

and so am looking to my options for recourse :-)

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By someone here?

by Tig2 In reply to I'm being threatened with ...

And is there any way that any of us can help?

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You could but you will not

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to By someone here?

+ I gave as good as I got. No doubt he will turn up here anyway. Started off as a laugh but soon turned sour.

You have all seen the Vista is Cr*p thread. Gsaravin caimed to have the source code for vista so I said:

GSARAVIN really has the SOURCE CODE then.
In that case I have reported this fact and pointed out this thread to MS. Being a Gold Partner this is a duty of my company. MS will no doubt contact TR and then use them to trace GSARAVIN. Enjoy your day in the dock.

But another member (not ravin) of TR replys with:

OH BTW I've forwarded on a copy of your original posting along with the relevant part of the legislation to the Authorities in AU so I suppose that means that an Official Complaint has been made and I'll forward the same onto TR as well so that if questioned they are not unknowing Accomplices to your Criminal Activity. Enjoy the attention I'm sure that's what you actually wanted.

Look up the thread - started as a muck about but then - Boom!

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by JamesRL In reply to You could but you will no ...

Depends of course of the treaties signed by the countries involved. But most countries will not extradite without due cause, and only for certain well defined "criminal" offences. Slander and libel are not included, as they are civil not criminal.

Sounds like a lot of hot air to me.


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hi james iyour right mate!

by gsaravin In reply to Extradition

it's a lot of hot air.I have spoken to ms & they see i've done nothing wrong & even they admit they got it wrong.Ok i was proved right & i have just tested the source code using different sofware & methods & at no stage did i say i had direct acces.As any developer for any software can tell you that the access ceertain things that's not to say that's open slather.
ta mick

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I thought as much

by Tig2 In reply to You could but you will no ...

I went digging and found the posts.

That whole thread has been completely out of control from the beginning. I am surprised that with all the muck slinging it has been allowed to go on as long as it has.

About all I can say is that there is NO real legal recourse that GSaravin or anyone else can take against you. They can threaten, they can't touch. Heck, at one point, some idiot told Mae that he was coming to kill her (might have included her family, I don't recall). Nothing of it.

I know that I have been stalked by some nutjob here for 6-8 months now. Not a lot I can do about it either. Probably some pimply 14 year old who thinks he's a big guy.

I honestly do not believe that anything will come of this. I know that sounds awful- I would be having second and third thoughts myself. But I wouldn't worry... or at least I would try not to.

If you honestly think that this is a problem, drop an email to Beth. At least have the conversation. I feel certain that she will say much the same as I have.

Some people can be pretty extreme. Certainly that whole thread has been extreme from the first post.

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Seriously, people

by Beth Blakely In reply to I thought as much

Do not engage trolls. If you're actually worried about something, e-mail me or use the "send us your feedback" link that's at the bottom of every page. Continuing to talk about and actually entertain these ridiculous notions is a waste of time and only adds fuel to the fire.

We want everyone to feel comfortable and have useful discussions here. Unfortunately, that's not everyone's goal. If someone gets on your nerves, ignore them and move on. Let's not let those who clearly want to disrupt the site succeed.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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by Dontknowwhatimdoing In reply to Seriously, people

And the congregation says Amen!!

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I've been ignoring it

by JamesRL In reply to I thought as much

A couple of points regarding libel and slander. A) There has to be intent and malice. You have to know that what you are saying is false and intend to do damage. B) There has to be damage to one's reputation or livelihood.

I don't know how either party can claim either, especially since no full names are being used.

I found the thread and went through some but not all of it. Brings me back to primary school stuff. Let it go it will come to naught.


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