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TR Garden Club Episode 10 Southern Hemisphere 2012

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
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This is a continuation of a discussion started here: (TRGC Part 1)
And continued here: (TRGC Part 2)
Then proceeded to carry on here: (TRGC Part 3)
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My plants/weeds nearly Spring 2012. Yes I know I'm jumping the gun a bit as it's not Spring yet but I haven't had to wear a jumper all day for a few days now just in the mourning and evening so the bigger part of the day is almost bearable.

The Wifes daughter brought down a new weed yesterday a Hybrid Nepenthes the pitcher is a bit past it's Use By date but I think you'll get the general idea, and yes those are 12 inch wide beams behind it.

I posted this picture last time as a Nepenthes Pitcher was about to open

and here it is open

The Saracenia Flava Flower Spikes are growing so hopefully very soon Spring will be here

This little N Hybrid is looking quite nice now that its had a few days to fully open and start to color up

Then something different its a Utricularia a.k.a. Bladderwart which are generally aquatic but this is one of the Terrestrial ones so you dont get to see any of the traps just the small delicate flowers its a species Utricularia Livida

The newest addition to the garden is a Bird feeder which was given to me by the next door neighbor and its proved Stuningly Unsuccessful as nothing will eat from it. But I can not help but laugh at the way that the Lorries watch it just in case it gets too close. They are willing to land on the Rod that its suspended from or the ground under it and don't bat an eyelid when one on the pole fly away leaving the Bird Feeder jumping up and down but they are not going anywhere near the available food. :^0

And finialy one of our regulars a Baby Magpie who will very soon be driven off by its parents to make way for this years version. This little fellow walks to the front door up the steps and then demands to be feed. If the door is open and there is no one in the living room he walks over to the coffee table jumps up on that and announcers his presence by squawking till he gets attention and more importantly food. Its quite happy to stay indoors if anything bigger is outside who could take the food away from him.

SWMBO has been driving me more nuts than normal lately by sniggering whenever I say something about making something out of wood so as a Spring Resolution Im going to make a flying model of the WW11 WMD a V2 complete with a Pluse Jet Engine so it not only looks like the real thing but sounds like one as well. I drive her nuts as I dont actually fly these models and allow others to fly them when they have display days. I just enjoy building the models and this is what she finds difficult to understand. Spending hundreds of hours building the things and never actually using them. The reality however is I just lack the time on display days to be there to fly them. Hopefully it should look and sound interesting even if its not a very spectacular model to fly.


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Our garden projects worked out pretty ok...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to TR Garden Club Episode 10 ...

Last year we dug up the previous owners' flower bed because we wanted to plant Peonies.
Digging up the raised bed, we found, under the tarp that was at ground level, some red shoots all squished up against it.
Peonies :^0!
Apparently they frequently survive for years and years deep underground... last year they didn't flower, must have been rough down there, but this year they came out very nicely.

We also planted lilies last year, but this year we got scarlet lily beetles :_(
Nasty little stinkers. Best bet we hear is to hand-pick and squish them.

Damn prolific too... makes us consider scrapping lilies from the plans entirely

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Sounds like fun

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Our garden projects worke ...

Personally I prefer Chemical Warfare on insect invaders but then again I'm lazy and don't like to do more work that I absolutely have to.

Besides having carnivorous plants they tend to eat what tries to eat them.

With anything used as Weed Mat a lot of things can survive under that for a very long time. Many people who are like me and lazy just throw something over what was growing after hitting it with a Brush-Cutter and hope that it's not going to grow through. With Plastic type Weed Mats it tends not to but if you throw newspaper down I've seen things wait till it breaks down 5 years latter before making a reappearance. They seem to be quite happy to sit and wait till they can fight their way through whatever barrier is placed between them and the sunlight.


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The lily beetles are resistant to the good stuff...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Sounds like fun

The only effective stuff that works, kills bees as well.

It leaves the remedies that may or may not prevent them from laying eggs or feeding, so that means treating the plants every week all through spring.
Hand-picking and squishing is probably the most effective method that won't do collateral damage.

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Help, help, I'm being oppressed

by AnsuGisalas In reply to The lily beetles are resi ...

TR won't let me start new topics, and demands log-in every two seconds... is it just me or are they screwing with the site again?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Help, help, I'm being opp ...

It's just you not a problem here.

Though I have to admit that the site looks different this morning with Flash Add working again instead of white blocks over the screen. So I would hazard a guess that they have been messing with the site and there where some "Issues" while it was underway.

Though i must admit that I've not been getting any Discussion Alerts for about a week now and that doesn't seemed to have changed.


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It only affects Opera it seems...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Ansu

Infernal exploder is unaffected

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Our garden projects worke ...

*rubs hands delightedly in anticipation* Hand-squishing bugs is remarkably satisfying.

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Personally I find

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Oooh.

feeding bugs to Nepenthes is remarkably satisfying and as an added benefit the plants grow really well.

If you want to squish things may I suggest Bubble Wrap the Red kind with Stress Relief Pad stenciled on it?


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Not juicy.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Personally I find

Plus, bugs usually crunch. Which isn't the same as 'pop'.

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But Davette

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not juicy.

When the bugs squash some send a jet of their gizzards spurting out and sometimes hitting your clothing making a mess.

The Stress Relief Mat can not do that and is far cleaner.

Besides dumping bugs into Nepenthes Pitchers is far more fun and it's good for the plant. See how much I like growing plants.

I even had to take a jumper off today it was getting a bit warm and I started sweating slightly. When I looked at the Temp it was only 25C which is a long way from hot by we are finally getting there. :0


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