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TR Garden Club - Episode #9 Spring 2011

By boxfiddler Moderator ·
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Then proceeded to carry on here: (TRGC Part 3)
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AV's opening post:
My garden in Spring 2011

We don't have a new garden post. Boxy! We need one. I can't post it because I'm having technical difficulties.

Anyways, this year I'm going to have a special garden. This is the first year I'm going to try to grow wildflowers from seeds and get them to take in my environment. Its going to be a real challenge because the wildflowers are from Colorado, but I'm going to grow them in New Jersey. I'm talking about Columbines, Coneflowers and alot of flowers like that, but all from seed.

I have a few different areas that I am going to try, but I'm also going to try to grow them as container plants. Don't know if I will be successful, but I'm doing it anyway.

We've had the worst of winters. Its been beyond awful here and I've felt like I lived in Maine instead of New Jersey. I'm not knocking Maine, but I wouldn't choose to live there because its so cold and snowy.

I still have my potato bags from last year. They survived the winter, amazing! This year, I'm only planting red potatoes. They had a much better yield than the Yukon Gold potatoes last year.

I'm going to plant lots of lettuces. The lettuces flourished in the planter beds. I buy Gurney's Red Sails and Mixed Greens and they were very prolific last year.

Also prolific were the Early Contender green beans. I'm using last years seeds and have done that in the past. They are still good.


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Here 'tis, AV. :)

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to TR Garden Club - Episode ...

Oh, and P'sTB? We need to be able to specifically tag off-topic discussions. Can't add the TRGC tag for Epidsode #9.

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I've given up on the tags

by AV . In reply to Here 'tis, AV. :)

They just don't work.


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I haven't figured out how to add tags on off-topics.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I've given up on the tags

I don't see any indication that it's even possible when I start a discussion. Am I missing something?

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by Ron K. In reply to I haven't figured out how ...

All I can recall is seeing the Off-Topic tag/checkbox at the bottom when you start a discussion.

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No free-form tags.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Tags

Only the "IT tags", any combination, or Off Topic (i.e. consign to midden).
Nothing "real" goes together with OT.

Nice, eh?

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You're not missing it, there isn't any option to define your own tags

by AV . In reply to I haven't figured out how ...

Gone with the wind. This is a real stripped-down version of TR than what we had before. Maybe we can get the PTB's to add that functionality back. Come to think of it, they probably don't know its missing.


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Gardening has just become

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to TR Garden Club - Episode ...

a brand-new learning experience for me. Moving from the Midwest to the deep South changes just about everything.

I won't be getting to food gardening at all this season. Caregiver issues to get in hand before attempting gardening at that level.

One of the first things I'll bring down here once I get home with the truck is the composter I picked up last year. Nuttin' but sand for soil here, so I'll need to make lots and lots of compost to begin making over a plot for food gardening. I'll also need to wait until the cooler part of the year for most food gardening. Thinking November through March is the best for that.

Fruits are a new thing, for sure. That needs investigating, depending on how long I'll be here.

In the meantime, I'm going to plant orange, lime, ruby-red grapefruit, and avocado trees once the rainy season gets underway, May-ish I read. And I'm looking for live oaks. They're huge and gorgeous and great shade providers, which this place needs. There's also, a very tall, narrow, piney looking tree I see a lot that I'd like to add to the landscape. As soon as I figure out what it is. :^0

There's a spot in front where I'll plant some mandevilla to let climb and go nuts. Pretty thing, mandevilla. I've not messed with it at home because it doesn't survive Midwest winters.

I've always loved tropicals as house plants back home. I'm going to have a field day landscaping this place.

As far as I've gotten for this Spring. We'll see what the next few months bring. I'll sure have some very different pictures to post this year.

Happy Gardening! :0

We'll be sodding the back yard back home for ease of maintenance. I won't be sodding over the bird garden, however. Dunno who I'll get to keep the bug waters and birdbath fresh and full. We'll be swapping off turns down here for the near future, beginning in June. Maybe I'll be able to talk a neighbor into checking them. We'll have someone mow front and back every couple weeks for now. Lots of revamp work to do on that place, whether we rent or sell. Hopefully, we won't have to do either.

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Oh, you have a real challenge

by AV . In reply to Gardening has just become

The first thing I would have to get over is the bugs. Eek! I'm sure I would eventually get used to them, but what a transition period! My heart goes out to you.

You should seriously consider some limited container gardening. You can get some good yields out of two pots with green bean plants, for example. Enough to feed 2 people, maybe not a family of 4.

Sandy soil is tough to deal with, but I think you have the right approach. I've used raised planter beds with good soil, but they aren't deep enough to accommodate many food plants, like root veggies. They only work for lettuces and plants with shallow roots. My big container pots can accommodate things likes carrots and the potato bags are good. I got about 10lbs of red potatoes last year out of one bag. Even my container pots couldn't grow lima beans last year or broccoli. It was a no show.

I've never seen a Mandevilla. It must be beautiful, I'll have to look it up on Google.

I've always loved those Bella Palms in the house. They look so great in an empty corner and it makes you feel like you're in the tropics. It would be nice to have plants like that indoors. No way where I live.

I would go with a neighbor checking the birdbaths, but its a not so nice job, as I'm sure you know. I bought a waterhouse for one area of my garden. Its pretty low maintenance. Basically, the rain keeps it filled and it hangs in a tree. It dries out if there isn't that much rain, but all you do is add water and the best thing is that birds can drink, but not bathe and do other things in it.


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You are so right on the bugs.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Oh, you have a real chall ...

Eeewww... The spiders are driving me fruit right now. Monster wolf spiders. Good guys, I know. But effing huge. Give me the freaking creeps. Damned things only come out at night. And the palmetto bugs. Blech. And holy cow. The size of the centipedes and millipedes. Damned things could eat me if I passed out drunk enough. :0 I shake out my clothes before putting them on, look in my shoes before putting them on... Ooooh. And grasshoppers. Monster freaking grasshoppers. I'm going to have to find a good systemic of some kind. They eat everything in sight except for the Bermuda grass and weeds.

Speaking of bugs. I need to learn who the good guys and bad guys are. And set up a birdbath, and some bug baths. Find out what to plant to attract the good guys. I think that will be my first order of business, along with trees. Not one freaking tree on this place. The folks were scared of fire and took every last one out. Geeminy. Living life in submission to fear isn't living.

You know, my soil back home is still a little too 'clay-ey' deep enough for things like carrots and potatoes, but I bet it might not take much in the way of topsoil as an amendment in conjunction with compost to grow decent carrots and potatoes this season. Hmmm...
I might add that strawberry pyramid to what I bring down right off the bat, too. It could be dry enough most of the year that I wouldn't have to bother about mold as much. Ya got me thinkin', AV!

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Wolf Spiders? (YIKES)!

by AV . In reply to You are so right on the b ...

And they're nocturnal :_| You poor thing! I had one in the house here once. It was big and hairy and actually a little bigger than my vacuum tube. I always keep my vacuum handy after seeing that thing. When I tried to suck him up though, he was hanging on with his legs to the vacuum tube so he wouldn't get sucked in. I got him in the end, but I didn't trust that he wouldn't somehow get out of that vacuum and come looking for me, so I threw the whole vacuum outside and got poor hubby to deal with it.

I've gotten pretty good with big bugs over the years, but I wouldn't like seeing Wolf Spiders on a regular basis. They're tough to deal with.

My rule is, if they're outside the house they live, inside they're dead meat. I know, it isn't exactly an environmentalist attitude, but I have my limits. I've been bitten by some spiders and its nothing to dismiss. They took a chunk of me. Its hard to believe, but as far as spiders go, I take a hard line.

What the heck is a bug bath? A blank canvas. Thats very cool. You can create your own environment. Plant some trees you like and enjoy them, come what may.


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