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TR gets me in trouble!

By Oz_Media ·
I am SO sick of this damn site timing out and showing , we are sorry the page you've requested is unavailabel. Only to report and find out it is now a double post.

I get so fricking po'd at the time out issues and clicking links that seem to just wait for a few minutes, they try to start loading and in the meantime your cursor is in limbo, can' thit back, stop or another link, you just sit there like a dork, swearing at yoru computer until it times and and that super page loads again, "We are sorry but the page...."

So today I was sitting there calling TR a f'kin useless POS that never worked and spitting venom at my screen in a fisted fury when the boss quietly walked up and closed my office door.

'kin TR! "goddammit its just a link! Process the 'kin page already!!!!"

HOLY SH!T!!! It even happens trying to post THIS!!

EVERY other site is working fine for me, even forums and my own discussion rooms in my personal websites but TR, the technical resource for professional IT staff, no bloody way, they need some kiddies to fix things for them I think.

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Things like that are expected

by jdclyde In reply to TR gets me in trouble!

when there is the choice to run enterprise size applications on a windows server.

I take it as a sign from God that I am suppose to get back to work.... ;\

The one thing that has greatly improved my TR experience is the discovery of AdBlockPlus for FF. Pages load in under 25% of the time it WAS taking.

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by tcavadias Staff In reply to TR gets me in trouble!

... thought for a minute there you had a twin Glad to know it's just a double sighting

-Tammy :-)

:::Hands Oz's Boss some ear plugs::::

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I think his boss needs some Bose noise cancelling headphones...

by JamesRL In reply to Whew....
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by jdclyde In reply to Whew....

who broke it THIS time? :0

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And here i thought that Tammy

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Whew....

Had deleted OZ's Post for Bad Spoling :^0

Just how wrong can you be.

Col ]:)

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Load Flashblock Firefox add-in

by robo_dev In reply to TR gets me in trouble!

One big issue is that the TR site is loaded with flash-based ads. The Flash-block add-in will block those, which makes the site perform 100x better.

Also, if you modify your hosts file to block all the common ad servers, the site will work even faster.


I'm sure that TRs advertisers would not be thrilled to hear that advice, but it's better than you getting written-up for putting your foot thru your computer screen.

Finally, if you're going to do a long post, do it in wordpad or some other editor. Doing it in real-time is risky since the session-id may time out, leaving your post in the bit-bucket.

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about the ads

by jdclyde In reply to Load Flashblock Firefox a ...

and tr advertisers.

Any tech site should know better than to use the heavy flash content that they do, aimed at techs. The only LOGICAL conclusion is the ads really are not aimed at the tech savvy, but the novices that don't know how to block out such incompetence.

I haven't tried the flashblock yet, but adblockplus has made a world of difference.

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bah! who needs

by Jaqui In reply to about the ads

a plugin to do that?
only load images from originating server.*
no java
no javascript
no flash plugin
95% of the ads, gone.

* means no emotes or personal avatars though.

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I always wonder

by jdclyde In reply to bah! who needs

do people that type "bah" actually SAY that in the meat world?

I personally am a big fan of "The fools! I will destroy them all! BAWWAAAHHAAHAAHAHAHAAAAA!"

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Actually JD I thought that Jaqui had turned

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I always wonder

Into a Sheep Lover. :0

But I'm not going to say anything like he's become a real Kiwi now.

I think I'll just stick with the No Comment it sounds so much NICER. :^0

Col ]:)

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