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TR Member SPAMMER ALERT: vicky4me100@...

By deepsand ·
The above "member" is engaged in a Nigerian/419 Scam, via peer-to-peer e-mails.

1) Avoid all contact with this person.

2) TR - remove this miscreant from our midst.

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Hey Sandy

by Tig2 In reply to TR Member SPAMMER ALERT: ...

Follow up with a peer to Beth. She'll see it faster and be able to take action.

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Mine's a 2-pronged response to such junk.

by deepsand In reply to Hey Sandy

In addition to having such "people," and I do use the word very loosely, reomoved for the board, I think it also of import that others here be given a "heads-up," as any contact with the scammers could prove troublesome.

By posting hereas well, no one can later say that no one tried to give warning.

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You're a good one, Sandy

by Tig2 In reply to Mine's a 2-pronged respon ...

We have had a couple of real "winners" around here of late and I just want to make sure that Beth gets the info she needs. Trying to police this board has to be a major PITA.

I think that Zlito also got a spam peer mail from this person. Jaqui was hit earlier in the week by a different one.

Kinda puts you off kids, doesn't it?

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I like pita.

by deepsand In reply to You're a good one, Sandy

As for kids, your's, mine, or those of others? As for mine, other than 2 step-children, I've none that I know of.

While the purveyors of the 419 scams use young people, for whom the work pays far better than they could command elsewhere, given their lack of education and marketable skills, those who run such operations are of an age which can hardy be called young. They are, in fact, nothing more than the typical con-men, ones who have found that with the application of little co-operation from local law enforcement, and a ready supply of labor, along with a modest dash of technology, they can now find and reel in marks from half a world away.

From their computers in no-man's land, it is easy for them to locate online communities of every kind, and teach their hirelings how to gain memberships to such. From then on, all they need do is morph the specifics of the text slightly, so as to not be an obvious duplicate of previously used messages, and e-mail away.

For TR, they most likely use the Top 100 list, as it's the most easily available list of users, most frequently. Those who are most savvy will avoid banging any list too frequently; and, given cheap labor, will here use the search by name function within the People section, so as to broaden their list.

The only way to attempt to block their access would be for TR to blacklist IP addresses, etc., known to be preferred by the less than scrupulous, such that no one could use an e-mail address served by such servers for purposes of gaining membership. Eventually, such an effort would fail, as the scammers switch to commonly available free "trusted" sources, as did this person, who is using a French Yahoo address, i.e.

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