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TR "peers" that use the

By Jaqui ·
top 100 list as a contact list to ask questions, without even bothering to learn anything about the person they are sending the question to are becoming a real pain in the SPAM list.

I've started getting peer messages from members who I have never seen post anywhere on here, asking me how to do stuff with Flash, Java and Javascript.

what a joke huh? anyone who reads my posts knows I do not use, or support the use of, all three of those. Why would I help someone to implement them?

As far as I'm concerned, mining the top 100 for contacts to ask questions is spamming the peers asked, unless it is on a subject that the person being sent the question does post answers / comments in favor of.

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I think I've had a few of those

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to TR "peers" that use the

Not enough to get stroppy about, I rarely reply to anyone who can't manage to post the question in public.

I think a few types who don't know anything are using it as a way to conceal their ignorance. 'Unfortunately' I have no more time to explain how to build a corporate network in private than I do in public.

Besides I'd have to PM someone in the top 100, because I don't know how to.

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but then

by Jaqui In reply to I think I've had a few of ...

I'm pretty sure that you would pm someone from the top 100 that is a network admin / engineer and knows how.

like if I needed help with a db design I wouldn't ask a website / graphic designer.
[ most website databases are not well designed ]

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by dawgit In reply to TR "peers" that use the

I think that would be called "Rude". It would seem presumptuous at least. I'm gald I'm not up there on the list. A question though, are most of those inquiries from a particular part of the Globe? Or has the whole World gone off the deep end? -Or- Take it as a complement. -d

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I receive them sometimes

by w2ktechman In reply to Gee-Golly

but not too regularly.
However, I dill look them up to post a reply to thier post. If they did not post, I ignore and delete.

Sometimes they did post and I missed it (if I had answered a question and then not checked back). In these cases I apologize for the delay and try to answer back.

If it is a peer that I know, I usually respond back in an email. That is if I read their email the week it was sent :^0
I sometimes skip reading yahoo mail for a week or more..

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That's exactly why I never send you any Mail

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I receive them sometimes

W2K and the Scummy One are just so unreliable all the time.

Neither of them have any Ethics as they insist on earning a living instead of handing out their knowledge instead of working.

Col ]:)

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Not "up there on the list." - Well, ACTUALLY ......

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Gee-Golly

#34 is well within the top half, isn't it? :)

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Maybe a good reason not to fill in your Profile.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to TR "peers" that use the

Yes I know just how much you like these Languages/Technologies but at least it shows that they are actually looking at what the people on that list actually do. After all you are getting questions about what you actually do well sort of anyway. :)

I understand that Smeg is getting a few of those as well but nothing relating to Web Usage. Seems that some of the people are actually doing some digging to find an answer for their individual problems at least.

I actually saw 5 questions from the same person one day recently each sounding more desperate than the last. Pity that I was actually working that day and away from home where I play on TR. B-)

But now that I have your attention Jaqui I want to install Flash into a Web Page working on the .Net Framework and I want to incorporate both Java and Java Script into the .Net Framework as this is the best solution to Web Site Development that I'm developing so how can I do it? Because I'm so adept in doing things like this I'll need a Step by Step list on how to implement this. I await your urgent response. :^0

SO SORRY I'll send you a PM instead of posting my question here. No as I've gone to the trouble of posting it here I'll copy & Paste to the PM. ?


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by Jaqui In reply to Maybe a good reason not t ...

and you'll get a complete non response, since it's garbage that should not be on a website related.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to right

That's not what M$ Told me. :^0

They are really into security I know this because they told me so.

Col ]:)

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I check their profile first

by jdclyde In reply to TR "peers" that use the

if they are someone that just joined, they can pissoff.

if we have crossed paths in the discussions/questions, I MIGHT answer if it is something I know already and takes absolutely no effort. otherwise I recommend they post it to the board to find someone that knows that part.

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