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TR performance for the last few daze

By jdclyde ·
I have noticed the load times are horrible over the last few days.

I have accessed from different locations, using different systems, so I know it isn't a bandwidth issue or a pooched system on my part.

Some pages time out, many just sit there for a looooooong time.

The quicker loads sit for about 25 seconds at "waiting for", before it even starts to do anything.

If I launch multiple tabs to catch up on a discussion, (as I just did) I closed the tabs down after five minutes.


Using Windows XPsp2 and Windows 2000 proSP4.
Systems use FF
Accessing at 8:30 am EST on a Sat morning, so it should not be a busy time for the servers.

When I do the same thing of launching multiple tabs for anywhere else, there is no delay of loading, so again, it would not be a problem at my end.

Thanks for looking into this. I have had to pass on discussions because they would not load, and I WILL NOT sit for that period of time waiting for a load. I only did this time to provide actual times (yes, those were actual times, not "it felt like".)

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