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TR Spam: A question I have to ask

By jck ·
Years ago, I seem to remember something about an Electronic Piracy Act that forbade people from committing acts of "electronic vandalism" on websites, etc.

In the off chance TR could find one of the spam morons in the USA, would TR prosecute them to the full extent of the law? Even if they were some 14 year old script kiddie?

I'm curious. Seems nothing stops them. Maybe someone with a badge at their door would?

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I would certainly hope so

by Slayer_ In reply to TR Spam: A question I hav ...

It would be a great strike against spammers. So far it seems none of them ever get caught.

Too bad its all just for search engine abuse. Because it is not like anyone would actually click the link on those spam posts.

I however am guilty of such advertisement to boost site ratings. I would put sites I hosted in my forum signatures, just listed off as normal links, size 1 font size so it looked like a line in my signature. I never expected anyone to click em, it was just for search engine recognition. And it worked REALLY well. For awhile our Husqvarna website had higher search result priority for Husqy products, than the Husqvarna website itself.

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You bad bad spammer you

by jck In reply to I would certainly hope so


I have done things like...fill space with invisible text. But, never spammed a bunch of stuff like that.

Just wish the FBI had the personnel/budget to pursue the in-country people here. I think enough people got locked up for 4 years with hardened criminals for that, it'd stop.

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Double-post. No text.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to TR Spam: A question I hav ...
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Odds are excellent they aren't in the US

by CharlieSpencer In reply to TR Spam: A question I hav ...

And if they are, odds are against locating them. It may be the offending systems are controlled by a botnet and owned by the unsuspecting and ignorant.

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Also good odds that it's a real person posting those

by Slayer_ In reply to Odds are excellent they a ...

As TR is very different from most forums. A standard prebuilt bot wouldn't work. So it is either a custom made bot, or a real person.

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Too quick to be a real person

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Also good odds that it's ...

Look at the time stamps.

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Easily scripted.

by seanferd In reply to Also good odds that it's ...

I won't mention how in the open.

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Even without a script

by NickNielsen In reply to Easily scripted.

Select the top 20 from the Forums front door and open them all in new tabs. Open the response window.

Cut and paste into each tab.

Submit, Ctrl-W, Submit, Ctrl-W, Submit...

I could probably generate 20 new posts in about as many seconds.

Want original posts? Pretty much the same thing, except you gotta put in the tags.

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Wait, wait

by santeewelding In reply to Even without a script

Don't go so fast. I'm trying to write all this down.

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Possible in the USA

by Oz_Media In reply to TR Spam: A question I hav ...

It would be possible, as ISP's will provide user info, it seems upon a simple request.

However, if they are offshore, it may be more difficult.

The last link a guy offered lead to me to a website where I took their contact email and submitted it to a few spam lists, porn lists and then flooded them with an email blast from my own online server for a solid hour.

Hopefully he was able to find all his orders in a mess of hundreds of emails. :)

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