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By witqueen ·
I can't post too many details, but I need to find a way to track an end user who is rifling through the shared drive on my Network. For now I have to allow it and not change permissions, but I haven't found a way, to prove historically where this user has been. The user has used the information that is found in personal files on the network and gone to the owner. I became the scapegoat as the head of the dept to demote a VP. I know the enduser also lied about how the information was found and threw a previously laid off employee under the bus as the person who brought it to their attention. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do either on the Windows 2000 server to find the information I need? I have one piece of evidence from the Computer Management that shows them logged onto another users local connection, they failed to logoff correctly so I did a screen capture of that choice morsel.
Thanks all.

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Haven't used it but:

by 1bn0 In reply to Trace User Question

This looks like what you want.

How to audit user access of files, folders, and printers in Windows XP

The original refrence said this is the same procedure for 2003

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Thank you

by witqueen In reply to Haven't used it but:

I can use that going forward, need to trace use historically. Not real sure without any audit policies set that I will be successful.

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MSOffice files???

by 1bn0 In reply to Thank you

Are you using Outlook?

I haven't used it since outlook 97 as we use Notes & Domino.

But Outlook journal used to record every office document opened/worked on and the time it was opened.

Most users never knew it was there.

I remember it used to make the pst file huge so I would delete the entire journal list before transfering the pst to a new machine.

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