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tracing cat 45 across building

By ftonbonami ·
i got cat 45 cables in every room and they all join in main wire room . they were not taged .what is the best way to trace them back and then be able to identify each cable to each room..

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by abailey101 In reply to tracing cat 45 across bui ...

You could try using a network tone and probe device. Basically you attach a tone generator at one end of your cable then use the probe to find the wire that carries the tone. Depending on what type or how much your willing to spend there are network testers that offer this feature. In order to use the tone generator you will need to disconect your lan wire and plug it into the tone generator.

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by jschein In reply to tracing cat 45 across bui ...

Goto home depot or Lowes... They have a nice little package for 50-100 USD... Plug in user jack, go into your wiring room and test the remaining jacks until you get a connectivity light. Mark your jacks from there and label your user jacks as you go.

Good luck.

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by ftonbonami In reply to

I like your idea..it's one that would work but i have a problem with that...i am hired to install three jacks only but there is ten wires in the main...he won't pay me for the extra time i have to spend putting jacks on everyone of them...any other suggestions

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by RCOM In reply to tracing cat 45 across bui ...

There is cheap cable testers out there but its easiest if you get someone to help.

Shoot if you the cables are connected to a switch with lights use cell phones and have the other person go along and unplug the cables and see what light goes out. If no computer is connected use a laptop.

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by wlbowers In reply to tracing cat 45 across bui ...

What you are looking for is a telephone toner. It comes with a generator and a sounder.

They come with clip leads or plug adapters. You clip the toner on the cable you want to identify.

You now go back to the home bundle and using the sounder poke around in the bundle. The closer you get to the cable with the tone on it the louder it will get.

Once you think you have the cable touch the sounder point to the copper and the volumn will go nuts.

You can find these at Lowes, Home Depot, or an electrical supply house.

Good Luck Lee

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by csmith In reply to tracing cat 45 across bui ...

We use a TDR for this.
A Time Domain Reflectometer sends a signal down the wire and gives you a graph of the impedence changes, opens etc., plus, of course, length.
We then guess, based on length, which wire is which.
You will need to borrow one of these.
They cost several thousand dollars, for a good one.
The next problem you face is that the probable reason the wires are untagged, is that the owner is way cheap.
Read that as penny wise and pound foolish.
We stay away from such people. Our reputation is too valuable for us to be associated with poor quality work. In the long run this pays.
Smith & Young was founded in 1978.
Regards, Chris

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