Tracing Laptops Via DNS

By cbzdmh ·
I have a team of 20 engineers who travel between over 40 different sites (all on the same network with seperate i.p. ranges)and I'm tring to work out if it's possible to create an interface that tells me the location from information gathered during a ping.

So for example, a laptop called BobLaptop01 gets pinged and from the i.p. address that gets returned I can do a lookup that gives me the site?

Is this possible? Is there a better way of doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Some ideas

by Choppit In reply to Tracing Laptops Via DNS

Firstly you'd need to be able to resolve BobLaptop01 to an IP address, perhaps by using a dynamic DNS setup, then use a lookup table to translate the IP to a location. Alternatively you could have the client call home via a login script and use the IP.

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Try using 'PC-Phone Home'

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Tracing Laptops Via DNS

It's a pseudo-security package that you install to the boot sector of a laptop.

If the laptop gets stolen it will 'phone home' every time it goes live on the internet.

I've had it on my laptop for years now.


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