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track a stolen laptop without lojack

By knowledgebased ·
I'm looking for an 'outside the box' discussion on tracking a stolen laptop with no BIOS level, GPS enabled device.

One method I've seen is a computer with BitTorrents was stolen and the thief turned on the laptop, BitTorrent started up as part of Windows and began downloading. The victim had another laptop with BitTorrent on it and was able to see their account on the other computer actively downloading. He used a feature in BitTorrent to determine the remote computer's IP address. But this is as far as we got. The IP is definitely TimeWarner's RoadRunner ISP but we were unable to dig any deeper.

In this scenario I think I could have used the known username/password to gain remote access to the computer and check the filesystem for yahoo/google mail cookies, recent documents and browsing activity to determine more about the thief.

I'd like to hear some ideas you might have about this scenario and some thoughts of your own.

What do you think?

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